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12 September 2023

Five ways small legal firms are building their reputations for 2024

Many legal practices are discovering new ways to build strong reputations for diligence, efficiency, and reliability with their clients. Which begs the question: how can your firm elevate the client experience?
17 January 2023

How to make a real impression with your marketing materials

Making use of print marketing can be an excellent way to set your brand apart, but it must make a real impression in order to be worthwhile - especially with a number of financial and environmental factors to consider.
22 December 2022

Accelerate your Innovation 2022 Highlights: Meet your Future Workplace

At its Accelerate your Innovation event, Apogee Corporation unveiled all its latest managed workplace service innovations, including the new Automail software, and introduced how its vision for new product development is centred on enhancing user experience.