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Cut Your Expenses with Hybrid Mail

The costs of running a business are continuing to climb – but surprisingly, business mail is one area where you can actually cut expenses. Enter: Hybrid Mail.


With UK inflation maintaining its upward trend, businesses urgently need to streamline their budget however they can – and for those still needing to send high volumes of business mail as a daily requirement, post represents a significant expense.

In addition to the price increases for postage stamps in April 2022, standard franking options are now not accepted by Royal Mail as of January 2023. This means that businesses must invest in Mailmark franking machines if they wish to reap the benefits of franking – with the high-volume models costing hundreds to rent and thousands to buy outright.

And that’s before the expensive costs that come with consumables such as ink, labels, and envelopes – not to mention that some franking machine providers hide terms and conditions in the fine print. While this list is not exhaustive, examples can include:

The meter reset fee, which charges you for topping up your account; the dormant fee, which charges you if you don’t use your machine for a certain period of time; and the non-sufficient funds fee, which will charge you if there isn’t enough money in your account to make a payment, meaning you effectively get charged twice.

However, you may be surprised to learn that business mail is actually one area where costs can be reduced; and reduced significantly. In fact, your need for franking machines and mailroom equipment can be completely eliminated by making use of desktop-to-doorstep software such as Hybrid Mail.


Hybrid Mail lets you send business mail, but at a fraction of the expense - and without any hidden fees. Users simply need to create a document in Microsoft Word, then send it digitally to our Outsourced Document Services (ODS) facility; where it will be processed, printed, packaged, and sent to your desired destination.

But what are the additional benefits of engaging with this service?


Completely scalable flexibility

Unlike with some franking machine providers, you can rest assured that you won’t be charged for not using Hybrid Mail regularly. In fact, you can use Hybrid Mail as little or as often as you like – be it for one-off national marketing campaigns, ad-hoc notification letters, a weekly newsletter, and everything in between.

This flexibility allows your business to be dynamic with its business mail, in line with your specific requirements – but without punishing you for printing too much or too little, too often or too infrequently.

Quality bespoke print on demand

Instead of using your own office materials, why not use ours instead? Give your documents a crisp, professional feel with our Outsourced Document Services – which print your documents on high-quality materials through our leading production print machines.

As well as elevating the image of your brand with high-quality and tactile business mail; eliminating your need to purchase your own printing materials gives you the freedom to invest strategically into other areas of your business.

Simple, convenient, accessible

While franking machines are cumbersome, costly, and awkward to use correctly; the good news is that Hybrid Mail requires very little investment of time and money. Completely compatible with Microsoft Word, the software essentially just adds a button to your dropdown menu – making it completely accessible and easy to use.

The convenience this brings to your business means that your capability to send business mail doesn’t have to be reliant on a select few people – since using Hybrid Mail requires only the touch of a button.


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