Cloud Working

Crucial for reducing energy costs, boosting cyber-protection, and creating convenience for your remote workers; Cloud Working creates benefits that no business can afford to ignore.

What are Cloud Services?

Cloud Services are the modern solution to many workplace problems.

Are you unsure of how to adapt your processes in the run-up to Net Zero? Anxious about a data breach? Hesitant about creating a hybrid IT infrastructure? Cloud Working absolves these concerns all at once - by storing all your work in the Cloud, documents are easily accessible in-house and remotely (without the carbon footprint of a physical server) and given an extra layer of protection against cyberattacks.

What are the benefits of using a Cloud Service provider?

Nowadays, it is riskier for businesses not to use Cloud services, and by choosing to partner with a Cloud Service Provider you open your business up to the following benefits:

Continually Updating Cybersecurity

Managing companywide cybersecurity is too large a task for small IT teams to handle; especially with other responsibilities to balance alongside it. However, maintaining Cloud servers is one of the core functions of a Cloud provider – meaning that cybersecurity measures are in a constant cycle of being reviewed and updated to ensure full compliance.

Easy Remote Working

Giving workers a convenient place to access their files is a key advantage of the Cloud – which is true whether your employees are stationed onsite or remotely. Greater ease of access enables greater productivity throughout your organisation - and with continuity all but assured through a Cloud provider, moving to the Cloud vastly enhances the efficiency of your internal operations.

Cost-Effective Disaster Recovery

While traditional disaster recovery can be highly expensive (not to mention complex), disaster recovery is part-and-parcel of storing and updating information via the Cloud. This means that, even in the event of sudden power outages, you can still easily access your files where you left off - but far more affordably than through traditional methods.

Reduced Power Consumption

Having parts of your business stored on the Cloud reduces your requirement to keep running expensive hardware onsite. Not only does this mean your business can save on energy bills, but it also allows you to reduce your company footprint through downsizing – meaning your operations are having less negative impact on the environment.

Minimise Costs With a Cloud Working Service

Significant running costs accumulate from hosting your own servers onsite – not just by consuming copious amounts of energy, but by requiring regular maintenance and upgrades. Not only that, but hardware of this kind takes up a lot of office space, limiting your ability to expand and diversify and increasing the size of your carbon footprint.

These issues are circumvented by moving your systems to the Cloud because they also fall under the remit of the Cloud provider. Private or public Cloud hosting not only frees up your workspace but also minimises your total spend because there are no physical servers to be regularly maintained. Cloud solutions services are entirely scalable to your needs, meaning you only pay for what you use.

What can Cloud Working look like?

Cloud working can drastically change the way a workplace operates, which is why it’s a vital component to a number of our services.

Ideal for hot-desking, our Cloud Print solutions allow your employees to print from any location – without the lengthy print driver setup that is necessary for traditional printers. Cloud features like zero-trust networks, distributed Cloud storage and end-to-end encryption also ensure that documents cannot be intercepted by malicious attacks.

Uninterrupted communication is also possible through Cloud-based Telecoms – since, as well as protection from infiltration, call networks are not disturbed by sudden power outages. When disaster strikes, your network is simply diverted to a different data centre – allowing you to continue unhindered.

Information Management is much easier with Cloud Working – and organising filing systems is easier than ever through Information Management software. With Cloud document management, documents are easy to locate, secure, track, update, and restore to previous versions – enabling your employees to get the information they need at the touch of a button.

Why Does Your Business Need Cloud Services?

Cloud services are a holistic way to improve sustainability, cybersecurity and hybrid working processes within your business.

Adopting Cloud solutions services is a great way to start your business towards Net Zero - without physical print servers, for instance, you can reduce your environmental impact while making your processes more financially efficient.

Hybrid Cloud working also facilitates a smooth, seamless hybrid infrastructure, ensuring your staff can collaborate expertly no matter where they’re based. A Cloud server encrypts the files stored on it, helping to protect your business from external threats.

Why Choose Apogee as Your Cloud Service Provider?

Cloud Services are still not fully explored by the companies that use them. If you choose Apogee as your Cloud Service Provider, you will be able to experience the breadth of Cloud working benefits stress-free. We are constantly developing new processes to ensure your Cloud Service solutions are aiding your company, bringing unparalleled efficiency to your internal operations.

For added convenience to you, multiple separate services can all be implemented through one point of contact, allowing you to optimise numerous areas throughout your business. Our Cloud services are the one-stop solution to a harmonious modern workplace.

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