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We believe in diversity and inclusivity and everyone at Apogee is treated equally

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We believe that how we do business is as influential as what we do as a business. Ensuring our values are relatable, memorable and attainable through our approach strengthens our communities and the relationships with our clients. We create more room for wellbeing, improve ways of working and diversity and inclusion.

We believe in bringing technology and innovation to society and showing respectful behaviour to build trust and develop relationships. We support our people in their individual departments - their careers and contributions towards achieving our business goals is part of our DNA. Among our objectives is to align our initiatives closer to our client priorities, to ensure we improve our customer experience and strengthen our relationships. 

Apogee's values underpin who we are as an organisation

Our Values

Apogee's Values define who we are as an organisation and what makes us distinctive.

Our core Values create a sense of shared identity within the Apogee organisation and define exactly what we stand for and how we do things, our Values succinctly describe the core principles that distinguish the culture within Apogee.

We have a set of seven core Values that were created by us, for us, to explain what it means to be a part of Apogee culture. The Values also guide our commitment to empowering every single one of our employees who works here, in whichever part of the business they work in. Individually, our Values may seem obvious. But put them together and our unique company culture is born. Our Values are part of who we are, what we stand for and how we act.

To ensure we are best placed to achieve this, one of our objectives is to create a new culture at Apogee to foster a high performance, diverse, inclusive and engaged workforce. Ensuring our Values are translated through our approach strengthens our communities and ultimately the relationships with our clients.

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  • Integrity - there is no gap between what we say and what we do.

  • Passion - Clients choose us because of our passion and commitment to service, our expertise in new technology, and the way our people care.

  • Courtesy & Respect - We show consideration and empathy to all, and
    treat others with the respect you would like to receive.

  • Inclusivity - diversity is a strength. We welcome the participation, perspective and contribution of all our people.

  • Knowledge - by understanding how our clients work, we can provide the right technology and services, tailored to their needs.

  • People - We value our people, encourage their personal and professional development, and recognise their contribution and performance.

  • Flexibility - Together we will meet any challenge with an open mind and an agile approach.

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