Technology Audit

Enhance the productivity and efficiency of your IT technology with an Estate Review & Analysis (ERA).

What is a Technology Audit?

A Technology Audit, or Estate Review & Analysis (ERA), is a service used to assess the status and performance of your IT devices and wider infrastructure. By collecting information about your workstations, servers, and other networked equipment, a technology audit enables us to design a bespoke Managed IT Service (MITS) solution that is aligned with your overall objectives.

Why are Technology Audits Necessary?

Growing businesses often need help spotting opportunities to streamline their operations - a technological audit helps businesses to take stock of their current environment, pointing out the strengths and weaknesses of their existing technological system.

It is recommended that devices be updated every 3-5 years - refresh planning, therefore, is something businesses must consider and budget for regularly. By providing visibility of your technology’s warranties, battery health, and overall performance, a technology audit roadmap equips you with the knowledge you need to plan your next IT objective.

An Estate Review & Analysis (ERA) is a necessary tool to help you plan for the future effectively and protect your business against avoidable inefficiencies.

How does our Estate Review & Analysis (ERA) work?

So, how exactly do we conduct an Estate Review & Analysis (ERA)?

In order to gather information about your devices, a Data Collection Agent (DCA) is deployed across your network, extracting information from individual devices such as:

  • Hardware serial number
  • Device model
  • Processor
  • RAM
  • Battery health
  • BIOS
  • Disk space
  • Antivirus status & performance
  • Operating system
  • Update status, as well as any missing updates.

After 30 days, this data will be collated into a comprehensive report, to be discussed with you. Then, once we have an understanding of your future objectives, we will have everything we need to tailor a Managed IT Service solution to meet your goals.

Pending your approval of our proposal, your solution will be put forward for Delivery, Installation, and Implementation, with continual monitoring conducted throughout your contract.

Benefits of an Estate Review & Analysis (ERA)

An Estate Review & Analysis (ERA) brings multiple benefits to a business, including but not limited to:

A Complete Review

By behaving as a silent but always-active presence on your network, the software used in an Estate Review & Analysis gives you visibility over many areas of your device infrastructure – and all without taking time or manpower away from your IT department.

Having this information allows you to identify which machines should be replaced as a priority; enabling transitional work to be done strategically and without sacrificing any productivity in your business day-to-day.

Expert Guidance

With the information gauged through our technology audit, our IT Professional Service team will have everything they need to recommend the best devices to suit your specific needs.

Combining contemporary knowledge with the ability to pull from years of industry experience, our experts can advise you on how to streamline processes further and avoid potential pitfalls.

One Central Provider

Unlike many providers, Apogee offers a wealth of services that are complementary to our technology audits. This not only saves our clients the headache of having to organise each of these individual services through multiple third parties, but also ensures that they receive the same standard of quality across the board.

Explore our other service pages and consider which of our digital, print and outsourced document solutions may benefit your business.

Why Choose Apogee to conduct your technology audit?

Apogee is a subsidiary of HP Inc - the expert guidance provided by our IT Professional Services team is enhanced by the authority of the world-renowned IT company behind us.

After your technology audit is completed to the highest standard, we offer a number of additional services that are designed to ease the transition. For example, Device as a Service (DaaS) is a subscription that ensures you always have the latest technology, and our Information Management service ensures information is well-organised and easy to find across your new devices. 

Last of all, our Managed IT Service clients gain automatic access to our 24/7 support centre, with all maintenance fees consolidated into the price. Remotely monitoring your devices ensures that any surprise repairs can be coordinated quickly and efficiently and at no additional cost.

Contact Apogee today to arrange a comprehensive technology audit.

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