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Print Management

Print Management as part of Apogee's Managed Print Services (MPS) solutions are designed to help you take control of your fleet, however big or small, so you can securely track and manage the cost and volume of what your organisation prints, copies and scans. Print control will also enable you to see who is printing what, giving you detailed reports and full control of your print output.

A managed print service to optimise your print technology and improve your financial efficiency

Benefits of Print Management with Apogee's Managed Print Services (MPS)

  • Cut waste, track printing, save money

  • Securely print documents from any device

  • Compliance control and reporting on output

  • Transparency of all print and document costs

  • Take control of usage and behaviour

  • Control user defaults with established print policies

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Maximising Your Print Management

Take back control of your entire print and document infrastructure to gain full transparency of your print costs and usage. A Print Management solution with Apogee's Managed Print Services (MPS) will enable us to understand your current print volumes and associated costs, whilst detecting under-used devices which are unsuitable for the situation or location. This will allow you to gain complete control of your printing costs, by reducing the number of pages printed with the introduction of new processes and workflows that eliminate the need to print all documents you produce.

This can also form the foundation to integrate scan workflow solutions to be able to control the intelligent routing of documents. Granular reporting tracks all print, copy, fax and scan activity across the entire organisation, and provides an accurate picture of costs and activity, on a per user, device or department basis.

Organisations can use the management information available from reports to make fact-based decisions to optimise the printing environment.

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Is print security still a threat?

Data security and GDPR concerns are common business challenges that need to be addressed without waver. Your print infrastructure can be an easy win to close the loop on your data with a simple and secure print control solution where only authenticated users can release print jobs and their associated data, ensuring the end-to-end security of your prints.

The control of releasing print jobs addresses other print related issues such as high printing costs and print waste. With the secure release feature only available to authenticated users, who then have the ability to print or delete jobs at the device before printing, your print waste is minimised as no documents are printed unnecessarily and in turn, your costs are minimised too. Implementing Print Management control as part of your Managed Print Services (MPS) gives you back exactly that, you have complete control over your volumes, costs, users and data.

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