Public Sector

Optimising for cost-efficiency, sustainability, and data security are a huge priority for the public sector. Apogee offers IT solutions for the public sector that are designed to do just that.

Secure IT Solutions for the Public Sector

Public sector organisations are under pressure to maximise tight budgets and deliver value through public procurement, and are constantly searching for ways to make savings in an open, fair and transparent way.

We know that keeping your tech up-to-date, secure, sustainable, and cost-effective is a difficult balance, and we are here to enable and support you with innovative public sector IT solutions.

Apogee’s Public Sector IT Solutions

The world of public sector procurement is always changing - which is why we craft forward-thinking, flexible IT solutions for the public sector that take multiple needs into consideration, with the ability to combine and scale as your organisation grows and develops.

Managing supplier risk is key, and having access to the most appropriate framework agreement is fundamental to delivering value while also achieving full compliance. 

With Apogee’s public sector IT solutions, your organisation can:

  • Maximise stringent budgets
  • Maximise security
  • Enable digital transformation with new technologies
  • Adopt flexible solutions to accommodate change
  • Make savings in an open, fair, and transparent way
  • Ensure compliance in your procurement

Empowering the Public Sector

We have worked with many public sector organisations in multiple industries such as education, local government, and healthcare, so we understand the importance of keeping costs low, maximising budgets, and tightening security.

At Apogee, we aim to make digital transformation accessible across the public sector. Our strategic partnership with HP inc. gives us the resources and expertise to provide industry-leading hardware, software and support to any public sector organisation, ensuring you’re working with the best there is to offer. 

When an organisation approaches us for help, we run a thorough technology audit to assess their needs and develop a comprehensive and personalised service package to tackle the weaknesses in their strategy. Consider reading some of our case studies to explore how Apogee could help you.


Framework Partners

Apogee is an approved supplier on multiple Public Sector purchasing frameworks, so you can be confident in the quality and value of our service.


Whether you need digital, IT, print or document solutions to improve workplace efficiency in your public sector business, Apogee has you covered. By hiring Apogee for your public sector company, you can receive:

  • The latest technology, regularly updated 
  • Ongoing maintenance support
  • 24/7 protection from cybersecurity threats
  • Organisational innovations to improve your day-to-day operations
  • The ultimate peace of mind

Contact us today to discuss Apogee’s public sector IT solutions.

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