The Apogee "Marble Run"

Your business operates much like a "Marble Run", filled with twists and turns, pain points and steep drops, with unseen obstacles potentially at every turn. But with Apogee at your side, we can guide you on your business journey and through your organisation's own "Marble Run" utilising our Managed Workplace Services.


Introduction to “The Marble Run"

Come on a journey with Apogee as we help businesses work smarter, and safer, through our extensive Managed Workplace Service (MWS) offerings. Every business is on its own ‘journey’ with unknown twists and turns ahead, much like the proverbial ‘Marble Run’. Let’s see how your organisation is navigating through the modern workplace…

What Challenges Does Your Organisation Currently Face?

The complexity of the modern workplace has seen continual flux over recent years, and the challenges it faced before are not those it faces now. The workplace's ever-evolving hybrid structure and reliance upon remote Cloud-based services have veered the workplace into unknown territories.

Adapting your organisation to this shifting landscape requires careful thought and consideration.

Don’t get caught endlessly circling around before you find the right answer to drop in to the next part of your journey. That's why you need a guide on your organisation's "Marble Run" - a navigator through the jargon who understands what your business needs and why you need it.

Work Smarter, Work Safer.

Reimagining the workplace requires an organisation to embrace technology that will accentuate its current facilities and abilities. Embracing the future is the ramp of your organisation's "Marble Run", something which will require speed and agility - the same qualities needed to tackle the modern workplace of the future. Apogee possesses the infrastructure and the technology to give your organisation the acceleration into this future it desperately needs.

According to a 2021 study from Accenture, 83% of workers envision a hybrid model as optimal for work in the future. The onset of Covid has accentuated this development. However, less than 40% of businesses could currently sustain this change in their current work structure. At Apogee, we have continuously developed our solutions to create a modern workplace environment that is future-proofed.

The modern workplace requires an organisation to recognise that the office has changed. Employees need the tools to enhance their productivity while being able to work remotely. To enable a modern hybrid workforce, it is a necessity that your employees work securely, not just for themselves but for your customers. Security is paramount to the remote work paradigm, whether it be for GDPR compliance or best practice with sensitive documents. Apogee's Managed IT Services (MITS) can be the accelerator to your organisation's "Marble Run" ramp. With our forward-thinking IT Infrastructure solutions, we are perfectly positioned to guide you on this next section of your "Marble Run".

Enabling Digital Transformation

Your organisation has assessed the challenges it faces to adapt to the future of the workplace surviving the bowl of your "Marble Run". You have reimagined how your organisation can look at its zenith as the future of the workplace, building speed and acceleration through the ramp with Apogee's Managed Workplace Services.

Enabling Digital Transformation is much more than abandoning everything your organisation knew about the traditional office environment. Instead, Digital Transformation is the Ski Jump of your "Marble Run"; it is the point to embrace the unexplored. But with Apogee at your side, it is no longer a jump into the unknown. Apogee has the expertise and the knowledge to help you digitally transform your organisation focusing on your people, your processes and your technology…


Motivate and empower your workforce to enhance productivity.

According to recent research, one in three employees are having their productivity stunted by insufficient, slow and unreliable technology. By evaluating the way your people work, you can identify new opportunities that will ultimately deliver a more productive workforce. With Apogee you can create & optimise workplaces to ensure employees can work collaboratively anywhere, anytime.


Make the complicated simple to optimise operational efficiency.

Amazingly, 40% of workers claim they’re ready to walk out due to the inability to digitally collaborate with colleagues and systems. With inefficient processes still rife in businesses, making some simple changes can unearth incredible results. Maximise financial efficiency by reducing and controlling operational costs today.

Focussing on your process improvements will naturally deliver multiple benefits, including


Digital enablers that bring people and process together.

Recent Apogee research, highlights the impact unreliable workplace technology is having on employee retention, performance and collaboration. With technology critical to digital transformation, there are now more cost-effective ways to ensure your employees have the right technology for the right role, without breaking the bank.

Create & Optimise Your Workplace

A journey to success is never simple, and often unique.

Whilst our approach to the marble run may start the same, what we can guarantee is the challenges faced on the way will take you in very different directions but everything ends up at the same goal. Apogee focus on deliver five core objectives to businesses. If these align to your goals, is it time you had a roll down the Apogee marble run?

  • Create & optimise workplaces to ensure employees can work collaboratively anywhere, anytime
  • Keep workforces compliant & secure by protecting your business IP & minimise threats
  • Maximise financial efficiency by reducing and controlling operational costs
  • Enhance your customer experience so they can gain and maintain a competitive edge
  • Reduce impact on the environment by achieving sustainability goals & awareness


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