Digital Workplace Services

18 September 2023
How document automation can deliver great efficiencies whilst improving your customer experience
Providing a successful customer experience relies on your internal operations running as efficiently as possible – which is why it’s vital to ensure your document handling processes are quick and accurate, while also requiring minimal employee resource.
12 September 2023
Five ways small legal firms are building their reputations for 2024
Many smaller legal practices are discovering new ways to build strong reputations for diligence, efficiency, and reliability with their clients. Which begs the question: how can your firm elevate the client experience?
28 June 2023
Employers and employees are more disconnected than ever. Here are four reasons why
The days of purely office-bound work five days a week are long gone for modern remote and hybrid workforces. Yet today, employers and their employees are not only separated by physical distance, but by other factors as well.
18 August 2021
Helping Business Re-open Five Simple Solutions
Following the lifting of restrictions and with the UK returning to some sort of normality, it is great to see a clearer light and the end of what has been a very long tunnel! Many offices across the UK have now started welcoming employees back on to premises for the return of pre-covid working norms.
1 June 2021
Direct-Tec Group Customers – Welcome to Apogee
Following the announcement that Direct Tec Group have been acquired by Apogee. We want to share with you who Apogee are and what it means for you. Apogee is an independent subsidiary of HP Inc. meaning you can take advantage of working with of one of the world’s leading technology companies, whilst enjoying the level of value and satisfaction you will have experienced from Direct Tec. We are a freethinking subsidiary and a multi-brand provider of Managed, Outsourced and IT Services, which prides itself on adding value to our customers.