Buy Back IT

Reduce the cost of your next IT upgrade through the IT Buy Back scheme. By trading in your current fleet, you can offset its market value against that of a Managed IT Service (MITS).

What is Buy Back IT?

A Buy Back IT scheme is an ingenious way to create value for your business from unwanted or outdated technology, ensuring you always get a return on your investment. 

Here’s how it works: We provide you with the devices you need to conduct your business as efficiently as possible. We offer continuous support to ensure all necessary updates are covered and data security is protected. Then, once the devices are outdated, we buy them back and dispose of them responsibly. 

Instead of investing with many different “single service” providers, choose Apogee for a service that comprehensively covers all your workplace technology needs.

Benefits of IT Buy-Back

Being able to offset the cost of your next upgrade is undeniably useful, but the benefits of the IT Buy Back scheme go far beyond short-term savings.

Cost Efficiency

Long-term cost efficiencies can be created by upgrading to the lease model of a Managed IT Service – efficiencies that far outweigh the short-term benefits of purchasing your devices.

Bring predictability to your IT spending by replacing sizable one-off purchases with small operational costs, freeing up your budget for more strategic use. You can also avoid the cost of third-party repair companies because technical support is included within the price of a Managed IT Service.

Responsible Disposal

For assurance that your old equipment won’t end up as e-waste, look no further, since we follow sustainable practices that ensure no devices are sent to landfill.

Once we have purchased your devices through the IT Buy Back scheme, they will be stripped down for reusable parts, and whatever can’t be reused will be recycled or disposed of responsibly elsewhere.

GDPR Compliance

For peace of mind from surprise data breaches further down the road, all machines purchased through the IT Buy Back scheme will have their hard drives completely wiped, through a certified process.

Upgrade your IT completely with a Technology Buy Back solution that ensures full GDPR compliance, backed up by the accountability that comes from aligning with a trusted subsidiary of HP Inc.

Additional Services

Once your new devices are delivered, who will be responsible for installing the programs your staff require for their roles? Is your internal IT team equipped to do this quickly?

,p>To complete your IT upgrade quickly and without burden to your IT team, your new devices can actually be delivered completely pre-configured through an Imaging Service – which is easily available in addition to the IT Buy Back scheme.

Take Back Control of Your Budget with IT Buy Back

Apogee’s IT Buy Back scheme fits neatly within many of our other services, allowing you to use your budget as efficiently as possible to meet your workplace technology needs. 

If you’re looking into Managed IT Services to take the strain off your operations, our IT Buy Back scheme is a great way to make these work even better for you. With our DaaS (Device as a Service) solution, for instance, utilising a computer buy back scheme would make your subscription even more beneficial.

Outside of desktop and laptop PCs, there are many other technological devices you could include in a buy back IT scheme. Our Digital Workplace Solutions, for example, include Meeting Room Equipment. If your meeting room cameras and screens aren’t creating the immersive experience you intended for remote workers, we can supply you with new solutions and dispose of the old devices.

Our Managed Print Services could also be included - we will monitor your printing systems, keeping everything seamlessly secure, and once you’re ready to upgrade, we’ll take away the old printers and install the new ones ourselves.

Why Choose Apogee’s Buy Back IT Service?

Technology buy back is a great way to optimise your workplace and make the most of your money, while ensuring your old devices are properly recycled. If you choose Apogee’s Managed IT Service with our IT Buy Back scheme, you are guaranteed consistent and comprehensive support from the moment your devices are purchased until the day they are claimed back.

With many services designed to provide maximum convenience to our clients, we as a Managed Workplaces Services provider give you access to multi-faceted solutions - consolidated by a consistently high standard of service.

Contact us today to discuss how Buy Back IT can benefit your company.

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