1 September 2022

Conversations for Change: Fighting Fraud: Your Guide to Recognising and Avoiding Scams

In today's ever-changing environment, keeping one step ahead of the fraudsters can seem like a real challenge. Although both fraud and cybercrime come in many shapes and sizes, we have created a quick guide that will help educate you on the simple steps you can take, whether it's in your personal life or at work, to staying safe when it comes to fighting fraud.
2 May 2022

How to Ease the Transition to Hybrid Work?

With hybrid working here to stay, how can managers play a part in easing employees through the transition? While companies are still working out the best practices to ensure that hybrid working is productive and healthy, these three steps seem to be a logical place to start:
5 March 2022

Why Should Your Business Consider a Hybrid Working Model?

In 2019, no-one could have possibly foreseen how much the COVID-19 pandemic would utterly transform how modern organisations operate. Perhaps a more unforeseen circumstance, however, is that mass working from home has given prominence to a new work model – one that appears to come with a considerable environmental benefit.
18 August 2021

Helping Business Re-open Five Simple Solutions

Following the lifting of restrictions and with the UK returning to some sort of normality, it is great to see a clearer light and the end of what has been a very long tunnel! Many offices across the UK have now started welcoming employees back on to premises for the return of pre-covid working norms.
18 August 2021

Top tips to ensure your print devices are in good shape for your office return

Due to a long shutdown of offices around the UK, printers may have been left idle for extended periods in offices without temperature control and maintenance. This guide provides a few easy pointers and recommendations to get the printers back to a working condition whilst giving them the TLC they need now offices are opening back up to their employees.
26 March 2021

The Hybrid Workplace is the Future, But What Happens to the Traditional Office Set-up?

In a post-covid world, the ability to create flexible workspaces with scalable, cloud-based technology on a large scale will not just be critical to business strategies, but also crucial to organisational success in aligning with the hybrid workplace model as offices start to re-open in the UK and across the world.