Managed IT Services for Retailers

Apogee offers industry-leading IT and print-based solutions for companies looking to optimise their workspaces for productivity. With modern technologies and streamlined processes, we can help retail organisations focus on the things that matter most.

The Retail Sector Challenges

Retail is changing - the digital transition driven by consumers is forcing retailers to modernise or risk being left behind. Several challenges can impede an organisation looking to start on their journey of digital transformations:


  • Outdated technology. Many organisations are still relying on in-efficient IT equipment that is burdening their IT department with repetitive and manual tasks.
  • Inability to modernise. Struggling to remain digitally agile has hindered both employee and customer experiences with the lack of technology to enable sales growth through innovative solutions.
  • Failure to adapt to hybrid working practices. As our world has changed, paper-based processes hinder operational efficiency for hybrid workers who cannot access important paper-based documents when they are not in the office.

Building Your Digital Future in Retail

If your retail company is faltering on the journey to digital transformation, Apogee is here to help.

Across the retail sector, we are helping transform our clients’ operations with innovative new technologies and processes - even more importantly, we’re encouraging a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation to new practices so our clients can stay competitive long-term. 

By eliminating inefficiencies across organisations, we create strong foundations so our clients can focus on what matters: growing and developing their businesses. By implementing end-to-end digital, document, IT and print retail solutions, we lead retailers down the pathways of innovation for smarter operations and improve workplace efficiency.

Retail Sector Case Studies