HP laptops arranged on wood table
Offset the Cost of New IT Devices by Trading in Your Current Fleet
17 January 2023
woman office bamboo windows hp tablet hp ultrawide monitor
Include Your Hybrid Workforce in Your Next IT Rollout
17 January 2023
HP laptops arranged on wood table
Offset the Cost of New IT Devices by Trading in Your Current Fleet
17 January 2023
woman office bamboo windows hp tablet hp ultrawide monitor
Include Your Hybrid Workforce in Your Next IT Rollout
17 January 2023

How to make a real impression with your marketing materials

Making use of print marketing can be an excellent way to set your brand apart, but it must make a real impression in order to be worthwhile - especially with a number of financial and environmental factors to consider.


With digital marketing campaigns now a basic requirement for any modern business, print marketing is enjoying increased relevance as a way for brands to stand out and make a lasting impression with their audience.  

However, while print marketing proves popular with many broad demographics, it is not something that should be executed flippantly – especially if businesses wish to demonstrate their commitment to being environmentally responsible.

Before any of your campaigns go to the production phase, many factors must be considered. Profitability goes without saying – but it’s also worth thinking about whether materials (such as paper) can be used renewably. For ensuring that waste is kept to a minimum, it will be crucial to gauge interest for print materials amongst your audience so items are not overproduced.

Yet another factor is your choice of material, particularly whether it is well-suited to your desired outcome. For example, glossy photo paper reflects more light than regular paper – making it ideal for printing posters, since colours will be more accentuated. However, this glossiness can create glare if exposed to harsh lighting, so printing on matte paper may be more suitable if your poster is intended to be displayed as part of an event.

This combination of factors can be potentially overwhelming to those new to print – which is why for specialist print marketing material, it is advisable to seek out a Digital Print & Reprographics service, which provides you with:


Expert Guidance

If you have a creative idea and aren’t sure how to execute it, consulting with our Digital Print & Reprographics team gives you access to a wealth of industry experience – which will be used to guide you to the optimal materials that will bring your idea to life.

This saves you the time and financial burden of potentially wasting materials through experimenting by yourself; giving you a direct route to purpose-built marketing materials designed to deliver maximum impact.

Guaranteed Quality

When it comes to making the best possible impression with your print marketing, maintaining a consistently high standard of quality is imperative – and while not all printers are optimal to all jobs, producing even the most specialised print job is all in a day’s work for our ODS team.

With access to a broad range of industry-leading production print devices, we have the capability to produce large volumes of all kinds of high-resolution print materials – with the consistent quality that is only possible through sophisticated automatic workflows.

Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability is an obvious concern that is intrinsic to print marketing – and by using audience feedback to properly estimate the scale of your campaign, you’re already on the right track to ensuring that only the necessary amount of items are produced, minimising waste from the outset.

Going forward, you can be further assured that your print campaign isn’t having a negative environmental impact if you opt to produce your materials through our Digital Print & Reprographics service. As well as using print materials that are fully recyclable, we are supported by the program PrintReleaf, which means any pages we use to print go toward reforesting trees around the world.

Fast Delivery

Once your print marketing materials have been finalised, you won’t be left waiting - since our ODS production facility operates around the clock. This means that our team are always fulfilling some element of your order; be it printing, binding, packaging, or delivery, resulting in an exceedingly fast turnaround time – meaning you can start using your marketing materials right away.


Before committing to a print marketing campaign, it is important to weigh up all the factors – but the clear advantage of outsourcing to a service provider is that most of these same factors have already been considered and handled effectively.

If you require guidance on a print marketing campaign, fill out the contact form below: 


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