Conversations for Change

1 September 2022
Conversations for Change: Fighting Fraud: Your Guide to Recognising and Avoiding Scams
In today's ever-changing environment, keeping one step ahead of the fraudsters can seem like a real challenge. Although both fraud and cybercrime come in many shapes and sizes, we have created a quick guide that will help educate you on the simple steps you can take, whether it's in your personal life or at work, to staying safe when it comes to fighting fraud.
22 August 2022
Conversations for Change: How evolving technology enables the evolution of fraud
Technology is always becoming more sophisticated – but the downside of this is that the same is also true of fraud, as evidenced by a particularly dangerous and increasingly widespread method: formjacking.
11 August 2022
Conversations for Change: How to be fraud savvy on social media
As a social platform, LinkedIn is the go-to for people wanting to do business. However, as with all social platforms, some profiles have more devious aims in mind - so here's how to be fraud savvy when networking on social media.