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How to Ease the Transition to Hybrid Work?
2 May 2022
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Apogee Invests Over a Quarter of a Million Pounds in Employee Training
6 May 2022

Apogee Announces Membership with AGCC

Apogee has announced its membership with Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce.

Apogee has joined Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce (AGCC).

The AGCC collaborates with business of all shapes, sizes and sectors to ensure future economic success in the North-East Scotland region.

As the oil and gas capital of Europe, Aberdeen is uniquely positioned in a seat of global influence – and will be instrumental to delivering meaningful action and momentum to the daunting challenges presented by rapid climate change.

With a direct line into government at all levels, the AGCCs’ political independence allows it to ensure that the voices of SMEs and multinational corporations alike are heard. With aims to improve energy transition, regional connectivity, international trade opportunities and more, the AGCC are paving the road for businesses to succeed – and to do so sustainably. 

"We were looking for a way to provide value and build on our existing presence in the North-East Scotland region," says Alan Shaw, Regional Account Manager at Apogee. "The obvious way to achieve that was to partner up with AGCC, who have a large and diverse membership who we can collaborate with."

Russell Borthwick, Chief Executive of AGCC, said: “We look forward to working with Apogee to build connections and help it grow its presence in the North-East of Scotland.”

Apogee is keen to deliver value to the North-East of Scotland, by providing organisations with Managed Workplace Services that transform the way they operate. Offering technology that converts time-consuming tasks into automated processes – in addition to a devoted support and replenishment service -  Apogee has enabled many companies to focus their attentions to priority endeavours, all without sacrificing their integrity or security.

With hybrid working models becoming more and more prominent in recent times, Apogee is uniquely placed to help equip companies for future challenges. Their tailored approach has enabled many companies to run effectively and efficiently, including The NHS, McDonald's, Travis Perkins, and Scottish Fire & Rescue.

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