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4 January 2019
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17 January 2019

Digitising NHS Processes: Moving Away From Fax

NHS organisations have now been banned from purchasing fax machines and are required to overhaul this outdated technology and IT systems, with plans to phase them out completely by 2020.


Security is at the forefront of NHS requirements and legacy fax technology has been reported to have its limitations if not regularly brought up to date to the latest patches, including poor security, easily accessible locations, out of hour access and a lack of evidence of receipt.

Apogee solutions

As it’s now been established that it is imperative for the NHS organisations to invest in better technology to communicate and handle data. Apogee can assist in these digital evolutions. Apogee already have “SendSecure” service implemented within the NHS, which is running as a pilot for secure transmissions of ‘referrals’ and other types of sensitive data.

Some of the other alternatives which Apogee can provide to digitise NHS processes includes:

Cloudfax – Apogee can digitise the fax process altogether with CloudFax, whereby no dedicated fax lines or equipment is needed. Faxes can be sent and received any time on any PC, smartphone, tablet or dedicated MFD. This will also cut costs and wastage, positively impacting the environment, and therefore the organisation’s overall corporate responsibility.

Sign on glass – Specialist software allows all mobile technologies to be utilised and sync together to retrieve documents on the go. This enables organisations to access data wherever they need to, ensuring that it is also secure when doing so. Efficiency and security is optimised because data is retrieved instantly to personal devices, with signatures required for authorisation.

Scan & Send – Faxes traditionally would need to be sent to a location, rather than a particular person. For the NHS, a Scan & Send service means that scanned documents can be sent directly to an individual, increasing efficiency within the organisation. The threat of document theft or fraud is therefore greatly minimised.

On-Prem – This Apogee solution enables scanning to any email server, where it be an on-premise and locally controlled server, through Office 365 or hosted through nhs.net. Apogee have implemented this solution with various NHS clients who have transferred to NHS.net email delivery. Scan to file is also available through the same solution platform, ensuring that all scanning is managed centrally.

If you would like to learn more about how Apogee can help your NHS practice or organisation optimise the use of alternative technologies to fax, then get in touch by calling 0345 300 9955 or submit an email enquiry here: https://apogeecorp.com/contact-us/


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