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Ricoh Managed Print Services with Apogee 

Streamline your internal operations - and your IT budget - by combining ongoing print support with top-quality Ricoh Managed Print devices, all under a single convenient plan. 

Rather than having to organise third-party repairs yourself, Ricoh Managed Print Services give you access to support and consumables on demand - keeping your employees productive and your IT outgoings under control. 

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How does the Ricoh Managed Print work?

With regular consumable supply, responsive support, and a tailored approach to your business, Ricoh Managed Print is essentially a specialised form of our Managed Print Services, which is integrated through an extensive six-step process:

  1. The Ricoh Managed Print Service begins with an audit of your print facilities - and comparing them against Ricoh devices in terms of cyber security, performance, and environmental efficiency to fit your requirements optimally.

  2. To ensure maximum value for you, we identify devices and software within your facilities that are not fit for purpose, then propose ways to bridge the gap. For example, enhanced document security and greater cost control are key reasons to add Print Management to your Ricoh Managed Print Service, a feature which can easily be introduced into your plan.

  3. Once we have agreed an installation plan according to your preferred timescale, your new hardware and Ricoh Print Management Software will be installed - either all in one go, or in a staggered approach over a longer period. It's entirely up to you.

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  4. Now active, your Ricoh print machines will be continually supplied with ink and toner thanks to our remote management application, ARMA, which will notify our team to send replacements when your consumable levels reach a certain threshold. 

  5. With your consumable supply handled, all that's left is ensuring maximum functionality of your Ricoh print devices. Fortunately, print support is also made more dynamic through ARMA - since it proactively monitors device status and keeps us notified of potential issues, enabling us to act on them before they impact your business.

  6. Now the uptime of your print infrastructure is our responsibility, you don't need to waste time with organising third-party repairs - instead, you have a single point-of-contact to go to for all issues concerning your Ricoh Managed Print Service, which can be easily reached through the Client Portal.

Why use Ricoh Managed Print Services?

Rather than wasting resources on high-effort, low value tasks (i.e. device delivery, installation, monitoring, technical support, and consumable replenishment), outsourcing the management of your Ricoh print devices creates many efficiencies throughout your organisation – whether your organisation operates within the private or public sector.

For one, by removing day-to-day IT maintenance from your IT department’s workload, you give them more time to devote to high-value tasks – enabling your IT infrastructure to be more agile, effective and responsive, while our support team keeps your devices up and running. 

Secondly, you can significantly reduce waste by aligning with Ricoh Managed Print Services, since you can monitor the output of your devices through Print Management software. With visibility of individual employee usage, you can identify instances of excessive printing, or downsize your fleet if some devices aren’t being used as much as others.

Speaking of cost-efficiency, better value for money is enabled through our Ricoh Print Management Service – since, with regularly maintained equipment, your employees can print what they need to, when they need to. This means you maximise the effectiveness of your employee hours, without needing to make drastic changes to your operations.

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Ricoh Managed Print Service Case Studies 

Take a look below at some of our Ricoh Managed Print Services reviews and case studies, from businesses in a variety of sectors:

Many companies across the private and public sectors have improved their operations in terms of sustainability, cost-efficiency, and productivity – all by investing in Ricoh Managed Print Services.

In the event of a sudden technical issue, the Kennel Club don’t need to burden their IT department for their Ricoh Managed Print devices – since Apogee provide a 4-hour maximum response time for all multifunctional devices, and 2-hour maximum for high volume and production models.

Future Schools Trust generated cost savings of over £120,000 by using Ricoh Print Management software, as well as reducing their environmental impact by 80% through the decreased power output of Ricoh print devices.

Staff and pupils of Felsted School are able to release Ricoh print jobs from any of the 66 devices across their large village campus, with print management software giving admins full visibility of print activity.

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Apogee's Service Excellence in Managed Print Services

As a customer of Ricoh Managed Print Services, you will be able to benefit from the ongoing support that comes with Apogee’s Service Excellence – which has a client satisfaction rate of 92%.

This means that, in addition to proactive monitoring, you can also log any technical difficulties through the Client Portal; which puts you in contact with our Kent-based remote helpdesk.

Of course, in the event that a remote repair of our Ricoh Print Management Software is not possible, we will default to one of our 250+ in-house engineers; who, thanks to information recorded by ARMA and our helpdesk team, have a reputation for performing repairs in just one visit – with a first-time fix rate of 94%.


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