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25 November 2020
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9 December 2020

Understanding the impact a global pandemic has on business processes and how to develop a future-proof strategy

Digital Transformation is reshaping every aspect of the modern organisation, giving it a level of transparency that was unfamiliar five years ago. Organisations have had to think less about traditional operational structures and focus more on moving into this new era of a post-pandemic digital dependence.


Revolutionsing organisational processes to enable productivity

Fast forward and organisations are utilising the current technologies that have now become an essential part of the working day, and fundamentally, they are here to stay. Global pandemics just like Covid-19 have been known to ignite major innovation and change both personally and professionally. For many organisations, the overnight transition from working in a traditional office in contrast to remote working turned out to be quite a headache. It quickly became apparent that important technology and key documents used to perform day to day jobs were all based in the office, leaving organisations with a dilemma on their hands.

The impact of the pandemic has changed the way businesses operate now and in the near and distant future. From learning how to manage a team remotely, to coordinating virtual events and communicating via online platforms, many parts of our work life have in some aspects hit the pause button and in others, done a complete 180.

However, enabling employees to work remotely is more than just supplying them with the necessities to do their job. It’s about providing them with the tools they had access to when they were in the office.


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