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19 December 2017
GDPR Next Steps and eDisclosure Technology To Be Discussed at Next Leeds Law Society Seminar
GDPR Next Steps and eDisclosure Technology To Be Discussed at Next Leeds Law Society Seminar
9 January 2018

Three Major Benefits of Cloud Printing


Cloud Printing accommodates for society’s changing work patterns, whereby workers are no longer solely working from a single desktop computer, and are instead working wirelessly on multiple mobile devices. According to Deloitte, 70% of the UK population now owns a smartphone.

By connecting printers across a range of internet connected devices, Cloud Printing enables users to print anywhere, anytime, simply by holding the print document in the cloud until released by the user when they have signed into the desired printer via a password. Cloud Printing therefore provides workers with the flexibility to work productively at home, work or on the go.

Cloud Printing can save your business money. Data recorded by Cloud solutions, such as what has been printed, who issued the printing, and when documents were printed, can be analysed to identify unnecessary usage. From this, organisations can make informed decisions to reduce waste and save on future printing costs.

For example, company-wide printing policies can be established and enforced such as allocating a certain number of pages to employees. Likewise, because documents can be printed anywhere and do not need to be transported, this saves on travel costs, the amount of paper used and reduces your carbon footprint.

Cloud Printing improves efficiency by saving your business time. In addition to the time saved by not having to travel to a specific printer, employees do not waste time downloading new software updates as this is done automatically. Furthermore, Cloud Printing can identify when printing devices are low on toner and ink so that your Managed Print Services provider can send supplies whenever needed, reducing time spent replacing toner and ink. This also reduces downtime and ensures employees will always be able to print important documents.

Cloud Print solutions provide businesses and their workers with the flexibility to print from anywhere, which is vital to ensure maximum productivity in today’s mobile society. Integrating Cloud Printing can allow businesses to save money, time and become more efficient, as well as a number of other benefits.

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