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Tips to Maximise Managed Print Service Success 2017
12 December 2017
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Three Major Benefits of Cloud Printing
2 January 2018

Apogee’s MSOC Continues to Deliver

Frequently, organisations cite change management and training as a top consideration when investing in new print and document technology.


All of Apogee’s key operations are based under one roof at the Maidstone headquarters, allowing total accountability for client support services and removing the necessity to outsource any service. Apogee’s MSOC teams have consistently delivered strong performance throughout the year. A few key statistics include:

  • Taking over 200,000 calls

  • Answering over 160,000 email enquiries

  • Handling over 4,000 live chat enquiries

  • Adding 1,876 installations to EKM monitoring (Electronic Knowledge Management)

  • Managing 6,223 installations and 63,500 contracted devices

  • Processing 600-800 toner orders daily

The MSOC teams started the year on the front foot, achieving a 90% customer satisfaction rating during the first quarter based on over 500 customer ratings. In doing, they were recognised as a Customer Service Champion by Live Chat.

Throughout 2017, Apogee have continued to build organic growth and growth through several key acquisitions, causing the MSOC teams to develop with the organisation. MSOC is split into various teams, including:

  • Customer Services and Resource Planners: This team receives incoming service request calls from clients and co-ordinates Field Engineers to visit the client and fix the fault. They coordinate with Remote MS to deliver immediate remote fixes when possible.

  • Remote Helpdesk: This team provides specialist technical vetting and resolution.

  • Remote Support: This team monitors client devices remotely, dispatching toner and pre-empting faults where possible. This team also resolves faults remotely.

  • Connect: This team is provide pre-installation support.

  • Strategic Co-ordinators: Within MSOC remit is also Strategic Coordinators who manage the service elements of some of our major customers.

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