Why Are Online Reviews So Important To Businesses

Trustpilot online reviews have risen from 265,000 to 400,000 in just one year, with more than 17 million online reviews posted altogether. Reviews on Trustpilot have covered over 120,000 business in 65 different countries, demonstrating how widely used customer reviews are.

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Trustpilot’s core purpose is to “bring people and companies together to create ever-improving experiences for everyone”, Trustpilot. With customers sharing their experiences through online reviews, businesses are able to adapt and provide continual improvement. Reviews are especially important for businesses which offer high-value goods or service-led organisations such as Apogee as consumers want to have social proof and trust before committing.

Strategies to effectively manage online reputation

With online reviews making such an impact on a business’ reputation and subsequently their profits, it is vital to have an effective strategy in place.

Be active – To maintain a sustainable brand image, being constantly active is important so that all customer reviews are answered, showing that you are listening to customer’s views. Positive reviews should be answered to show appreciation, and negative reviews should be answered compassionately.

Be responsive  Timely responses to any online review is key, to ensure that customer reviews can be answered whilst they are still relevant. When managing the negative responses, empathy must be shown, along with an apology and future actions you will take. Negative reviews are not always bad, as they give the company credibility for future potential customers and highlight potential areas of improvement.

Encouragement – With research showing just how effective online reviews are with impacting a customer’s opinion, encouraging customer’s to leave reviews is just as important. When encouraging consumers to leave reviews on the business, a wider customer service strategy must be incorporated for effective customer outreach. For example, Apogee send out regular customer feedback surveys and request a Trustpilot review when the customer receives a product.

As a service-led organisation, Apogee understand the importance of online reviews. We are always looking at ways to improve our customer service and experience so we will continue to develop our strategies to maintain our positive reputation online. To support this, Apogee have worked hard to develop a market-leading Managed Service Operations Centre to ensure all our clients receive the best service and support throughout their contract life with Apogee. Please feel free to leave us feedback here or alternatively contact us here or call 0345 300 995.

The importance of using TrustPilot to showcase our service excellence to our clients
Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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