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Using Document Storage to Digitise Your Office


Document Storage

A lack of digitisation can cause offices to have excessive amounts of paper documents, which can get lost or completely disorganised. Eventually, files stack up and office space becomes overcrowded and underutilised, which ultimately has a negative impact on business operations. Implementing document storage to increase digitisation is an effective way to reduce these risks.

Digital storage provides a method for storing and locating files in an organised fashion, whenever and wherever you are through web-connected devices. If implemented properly to suit the business needs and desires, storing data online can be the big step needed to become digitally transformed.

Office Digitisation Advantages

Office space saving and waste reduction will both be achieved through effective document storage, as physical copies will no longer be necessary to hold. Where physical copies were once stored, additional office space will be created. If offices have off-site archiving storage, this can also be removed altogether to either use for alternative business operations, or simply sell for monetary value.

Saving space through digitisation will in turn produce cost savings by removing or reducing money spent on owning, renting and up-keeping property which hold physical documents. Having electronic document storage processes will also dramatically minimise the costs spent on printer consumables.

Storing documents electronically make it easy for employee’s to access, print, share or amend documents. The ability to share documents electronically greatly speeds up document processes within the business, as appose to printing physical documents for individuals.  Additionally, if this document storage has keyword processes attached, it makes retrieval of data faster and encourages department communication through collaboration, improving the overall productivity.

Another benefit which digital document storage can provide is increased data control and security, enhanced further by levels of personal authorisation. Storing documents online reduces the risk of data being lost through automatic back-up systems and minimises the risk of unwanted individuals gaining access to sensitive data.

Apogee’s Document Storage Services

Overall, using digital document storage will lead to a paperless and smart office to reflect the adapting digital business environment. Apogee offer tailored solutions to digitise your organisation and make operations more sustainable. Two effective document storage solutions which Apogee offer to support this digitisation include Cloud storage and Document Scanning.

Apogee’s Cloud Solution provides a safe outlet to find, print, collaborate or share certain files which reduces the necessity to carry physical documents. Personal Cloud accounts increases the security, accessibility and also contributes to minimising the size of storage space used in offices.

Apogee’s Document Scanning is another method to digitise your document processes and optimise office space. The scanning technology provides a high quality image capture from the documents scanned and allows them to be electronically stored. This document storage solution can also have barcode recognition and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) embedded within, to make processes more efficient. Instead of sifting through physical documents in storage units, barcode and OCR will make it easy to read electronic data without using excessive office space.

As Apogee’s solutions are tailored to each organisation, the most ideal document storage strategy is used to optimise electronic storage and remove the necessity of keeping physical records. To find out more about Apogee solutions, contact us by completing the form below.


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