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The Cloud is Digitising Multi-Site Organisations
25 September 2019
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25 September 2019

Take your print and document infrastructure wherever you go

Construction sites will generally require a remote mobile site office building or trailer facilities to provide space for meetings and storage for site documentation. The site office is the hub of the construction project; a space where planning, communication and administration takes place.


The construction site office is generally a short-term temporary working environment, but it is essential it can operate the same as the head office and have access to document workflows and print policies. Having access to accurate documentation is crucial because mistakes within documents or unsecure access can lead to costly errors. However, if print devices need to be configured onsite it can be a costly and time-intensive especially when there are several office sites in various locations requiring multi-functional devices (MFD’s).

With devices pre-configured to connect to the Apogee Cloud it will ensure that all devices are instantly in unity with head office. This unity will result in the remote office having access to head office print policies, document workflows, print controls and automated workflows directly from the MFD, whilst keeping documents secure and staying compliant.

Whether there is a construction site office requirement of a single device or various MFDs, using optimised rental plans will give organisations the flexibility to move configured devices to prime locations. With Cloud Print, deployment of devices can be for short-term usage and offer the flexibility of moving these devices to other locations at short-notice without having to reconfigure.

Additionally, when working with joint venture or subcontractor partners there is no guarantee that someone will not need a file or document when they are on site. By connecting devices to Apogee Cloud, it is easy to allow access to print documentation. This software enables full auditing and tracking of all print, copy and scan activity and is integrated with head office billing departments, to provide automated billing to partners.

Essentially Apogee Cloud Print allows you to print documents wherever you are – securely and efficiently. It provides a means for controlling print policies centrally, storing confidential data securely, whilst remaining accessible from any device whatever the location.

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