Going Beyond a Basic Managed Print Service

Going Beyond a Basic Managed Print Service: As organisations adapt to the impact of the recent pandemic, it has kick-started the ‘digital transformation’ journey many had been deliberating for a while. But before trying to achieve unrealistic goals during economic uncertainty it’s a great opportunity to reflect on your existing print and document processes and technology.

Going beyond a basic Managed Print Service with Apogee

Beyond a basic Managed Print Service (MPS)

The evolution of super-efficient document processes and automated document workflows in recent years has accelerated businesses capabilities around the world. But whilst many thrive, there are also too many organisations not benefitting from these recent advances which have only been further developed with the surge in remote working demands during 2020 and the necessity to work flexibly.

With this in mind, organisations of all shapes and sizes are transitioning beyond a basic Managed Print Service (MPS) that was designed predominantly for office-use only and are adopting a range of services and solutions to ensure all employees can work efficiently and collaboratively.

So whether the objective is to access all office-based documents, reduce paper-driven processes, control costs, achieve compliance through improved document control or simply to print securely at home, adopting any of the below solutions can help your organisation look beyond print volumes and devices to the workflows and document management processes you rely upon within your business in this new ‘flexible’ environment.

Print Control & Management

An effective Print Management solution as part of a wider Managed Print Services (MPS) solution will help you take control of your fleet, however big or small, so you can track and manage the cost and volume of everything your organisation prints, copies and scans from wherever you are located (including any remote workers).

Scan & Document Workflows

To achieve highly efficient, cost effective and auditable workflows you are able to turn paper documents into electronic versions at the touch of a button with Scan & Document Workflows. By adding this into your basic Managed Print Services (MPS) solution, organisations can keep the flow of communication going whilst away from the office.

Document Management

A Document Management system can track, manage and store documents helping to eliminate resource-intensive paper filing systems that can take over your office space. This is a great way to digitise and access key documents whilst working remotely as part of your Managed Print Services (MPS) solution.

Cloud Print Solutions

Cloud Print as part of a Managed Print Services (MPS) solution allows users to print documents wherever they are - securely and efficiently. It provides a means for storing confidential data securely, whilst remaining accessible from any device and any location.

Mail Optimisation

The recent pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital mail processes both in and out of an organisation. With critical document still needing to be sent and received every day from remote locations digitising inbound mail and outsourcing hybrid mail are the future of mail processes.

Device Security

With research showing security is in the top 3 considerations for all organisations, there is an increase in demand for secure print and document technology. Compromises in data and device security could lead to financial losses, lawsuits and significant reputation damage that could risk the integrity of the entire organisation. How secure is your existing Managed Print Services (MPS) solution?

Is your organisation benefitting from all or some of the above? If not, why not take your organisation to a new level of print and document efficiency by enhancing your existing Managed Print Services (MPS) solution and adopting new, secure, efficient and remote solutions in 2021.

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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