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5 November 2020
Digital Transformation
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17 November 2020

How the Pandemic Has Accelerated Remote Working Through Digital Adoption

Throughout the pandemic, technology has become something that we all rely on. Whether that be for work, play or to keep connected with our friends and family, it has thoroughly shaped our digital habits for the future.


As a result of the pandemic, we have had a glimpse into the future of technology, and going digital is a key part of day-to-day behaviours. However, pre-pandemic many organisations did not see the full range of benefits that came with the introduction and adoption of digital technologies into their business strategies. Only now, after relying on technology to get us through the remote working period has it dramatically sped up and evolved within the workplace.

Sustaining workplace futures

Companies are continuing to respond digitally after seeing the importance of being able to navigate quickly and effectively, whilst controlling processes remotely. Digitisation will be a key factor going forward to enable industries to meet the ever changing needs of employees and customers when working flexibly.

Whilst agility has always been a key driver of successful business operations and strategy, now more than ever we are seeing the importance of businesses being able to transition and respond quickly to changing factors. Components such as needing to work remotely, needing to receive important post whilst out of the workplace and communicating with colleagues from any given location are key factors within the digital transformation realm.

Digital trends are constantly moving and evolving and it is important that businesses can learn to adapt to these changes quickly and successfully, otherwise they are at risk of falling behind in our new digital landscape. Due to constant changes in customer behaviour which continue to convey and reflect the uncertainty of the effects from Covid-19, there is significant variance in consumer sentiment and behaviours. This means there is pressure for businesses to capitalise on the rapid changes within the economy and to stay competitive within the workplace.

Benefits of adopting Digital Transformation in the workplace?

  • Enhanced client experience

  • Operational agility

  • Culture and leadership

  • Workforce enablement

  • Digital technology integration

  • Improved data collection

  • Encourages digital culture

  • Greater resource management

  • Improved productivity

  • Data driven insights

Coronavirus is the perfect example of how rapid these overnight changes can happen. No one could have foreseen the damage it has done to the economy. Alternatively, the positive impact it has had on the acceleration of businesses through Digital Transformation will create a long lasting impact for the better.

In short, it has totally revolutionised the way our digital landscape now looks and has closed the gap between the ways traditional organisations operate, in comparison to the ones thoroughly engaged in digital adoption.


If your organisations is on its journey towards implementing aspects of Digital Transformation into its business strategy, get in touch with one of our team today who will be able to advise you how to seamlessly integrate it within your current business operations.


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