The benefits of leveraging digital transformation with Apogee's Managed Workplace Services
How the Pandemic Has Accelerated Remote Working Through Digital Adoption
5 November 2020
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What is Digital Transformation?
19 November 2020

12 Benefits of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a key component in the process of overhauling technology and work processes.


Some organisations have completed process after process and followed the same business model endlessly without thinking outside of the box and building a digital transformation strategy with the potential to significantly differentiate between their operations.

What are the drivers of digital transformation?

  • Rise in customer expectations

  • Competitive pressure

  • The need to improve productivity

  • Increase speed to market

  • Leveraging consumer insight

  • Reducing risk and improving security

Technology enables us to connect all touchpoints of operations both for employees and customers. These touchpoints permit organisations to access key information, act on it and leverage it to drive accelerated decision making, for a greater and enhanced experience for all stakeholders.

What are the goals in achieving digital transformation?

  • Improve operational efficiency

  • Improve internal or external customer experience

  • Improve level of agility

  • Better management of business risk

What are the benefits of digital transformation?

12 benefits of digital transformation infographic

Digital transformation is about change, agility, speed and connectivity in real-time, meeting customers ever changing expectations by integrating technology into all areas of business.

Using insight to drive change throughout organisations can transform business operations. By using this connectivity and continuously improving the customer’s journey, boundaries are pushed and organisations can improve legacy systems and leverage digital options to make significant differences to customer experience.

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