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2 February 2021
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How To Create A Successful Outsourcing Partnership

The best outsource partners are those who proactively identify problems and work with the client to provide long term solutions whilst continually improving current processes and workflows.

The digital age, partnered with the pandemic, has revolutionised traditional ways of working and has accelerated organisations’ strategies towards outsourcing key elements of business, such as Managed Print, Managed IT, or mailing services. Some of the key benefits already being recognised by outsourcing elements of an organisation include:

  • Reduced labour costs
  • Streamlined and more efficient processes
  • Enhanced team collaboration
  • Employee productivity
  • Accessibility - no matter your working location

In the modern workplace, the possibilities are endless. However so, these may seem daunting to some organisations who have not yet started on their outsourcing journey. So here are some of the business challenges to consider if you are getting started:

Business Expectations

Many businesses will have certain expectations of how they intend for things to work. By adding an outsource service provider, this can only help your company improve a function. Time is needed for both parties to adjust to each other and identify the best ways to work together. Collaboration is key here.

Decision Making

Typically organisations will have key decision makers within a business. When outsourcing it is important to transfer some of that authority over to the service provider as part of the outsourcing agreement. This way the collaboration is enhanced and are able to work together to create a more efficient outcome.

Attachment To Brand And Current Processes

A company's brand is very sensitive. From its logo to products to the customer service, each touchpoint is an opportunity to create and maintain those foundations with clients.

If not handled correctly, however, these assets can be the cause of customer attrition. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that many businesses can be reluctant in handing over the reins of their brands to an outsourcing company.


Outsourcing can help solve your business challenges

To overcome any uncertainties when it comes to outsourcing, our top tip would be to ask detailed questions about the services the company provides and their abilities to meet your business specific needs.

Here are eight examples of questions that you should be asking:

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Is their culture/operating strategy compatible with yours?
  • Do they have the out-reach that your organisations needs?
  • Do they have integrated & automated workflows that deliver real-time data?
  • Are their services scalable?
  • Can they customise their services to meet your unique requirements?
  • Who are their trusted business partners that they work alongside?
  • Can they effectively integrate with other suppliers to provide you one point of contact through which to manage print production and distribution end-to-end?

The future is Outsourcing

Outsourcing may not be right for every organisations, but, given the potential benefits it can bring, leadership teams should be looking into digitising their workflows and working towards an outsourced working environment. In all likelihood, you'll find outsourcing will let you do more with less, freeing a substantial portion of your time and efforts to put to more productive use.


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