printer colour cartridges James Bond 007 barrel
Does shaking a printer toner really work?
14 January 2021
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How To Create A Successful Outsourcing Partnership
18 February 2021
printer colour cartridges James Bond 007 barrel
Does shaking a printer toner really work?
14 January 2021
wood toy blocks spelling success
How To Create A Successful Outsourcing Partnership
18 February 2021

Five benefits of Outsourcing Print Document Services

Digitising incoming mail allows staff to receive their post anywhere, at any time, while delivering significant cost savings and efficiency gains.

The word ‘Outsourcing’ has been a global buzzword across many organisations since the 1980s, and has slowly but surely become a common practice in modern workplaces.

The global market for outsourced services stood at $76.9 billion in 2016, and it is expected to show an annual growth rate of 5.2% going forward. These beneficial and innovative trends will move along with us into 2021 and onwards with the future of outsourcing now in good hands due to the shifts and movements we have witnessed over the past years.

What is the definition of Outsource Services?

According to DSS, “Outsourcing is a broad term referring to the practice employed by various companies in the modern business landscape, which involves the transfer of labour or processes to a third-party service provider.”

From small businesses to huge corporations, business leaders choose to outsource processes because of the workforce productivity, flexibility, and cost reductions that it can provide clients.

Tech advancements and automation ease the processes and better the communication both internally and externally within an organisation. New digital tools will continue to contribute to more rapid development, better services, and heightened productivity which ultimately is the future of our workplace.

How can your organisations benefit?

With over £2 million invested into our London and Manchester outsourced print and document facilities, our specialist team have the scale and flexibility to deliver all your outsource needs, no matter how obscure. So here are just five of the key benefits that will come with Apogee being your outsource print and document partner of choice.

Quality of Output – guaranteeing premium output on everything delivered

Our hallmark is our ability to deliver high-priority jobs, to demanding specifications, while consistently meeting quality and delivery deadlines to ensure our clients can benefit from a precise, concise and easy-end-to-end service.

All outsource jobs are displayed in real-time on screens throughout our facilities to monitor, manage and assess work flow. This means our specialist team are able to efficiently prioritise jobs as well as providing a rapid turnaround time which is key for client deadlines.

Additionally, we use a multi-vendor fleet of hardware so we only use the best machines for the right job. Being a multi-brand provider enables us to provide fully customised, scalable solutions by combining best-of-breed hardware and software from market-leading manufacturers. This only enhances the client experience and means they don’t have to think twice when submitting their jobs to the team.

Service Excellence - Guaranteeing device uptime ensuring deadlines aren’t compromised

Apogee is passionate about service. We support and maintain our own print infrastructure using specialist in-house engineers, ensuring maximum uptime of devices and minimising impact on production of client requests. This enables us to provide a true around-the-clock outsourced printing service to clients so that irrespective of the time, they can be guaranteed the deadline will be met.

Trustworthy & Reliable Partner – peace of mind

With many businesses continuing to adopt flexible working environments, outsourcing key processes can really enhance and optimise operations, creating a more dynamic and digital working landscape.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the outsourcing industry, Apogee, formerly known as CityDocs, are able to provide an extensive range of expertise within the outsource print and document industry.

A large proportion of our work is with leading legal firms in London and around the UK who have complex requirements within the print landscape. Clients within this sector choose Apogee as outsource print partner of choice due to our secure facilities and rapid response times.

True 24/7 Operations so no job will be left for the morning run!

Whether it be producing marketing materials for a big event or scanning large volumes of documents for a legal case, our outsourced document services facilities work around the clock and operate 24/7, which helps our clients ease the stress of meeting tight deadlines as we are on hand to get the work done - no matter the time or deadline.

The teams at both our London and Manchester facilities use the most modern innovative technology and solutions to automate our workflows in order to improve efficiency for the client whilst minimising the handling of documents.

Innovative Technology & Solutions

Accelerated adoption of digital technologies, combined with innovative solutions has changed the way organisations operate significantly. The recent pandemic has fast-tracked many businesses strategies helping them to reap the rewards for taking the jump earlier than anticipated. Some of the benefits already being recognised include; optimising resources, reduced labour costs, streamlined processes and enhanced team collaboration.

Here are two examples of new innovative solutions created to maximise productivity and potential for organisations that are working remotely. Both solutions can be utilised in the office environment too as we transition in to a hybrid model of working.

Printed, Finished, Delivered to your door with OneSource

Our OneSource Web2Print solution has been designed with flexibility and security in mind. OneSource provides you and your clients with a secure online custom-built portal to produce, manage and track all your print activity. Access brand-governed templates of print and non-print related collateral over the web, anytime from anywhere.

The process is simple and user friendly. Printed, Finished, Delivered.. straight to your front door. Just like that.

Did you know you can access your post digitally whilst working remotely?

Digitising incoming mail allows staff to receive their post anywhere, at any time, while delivering significant cost savings and efficiency gains which is key whilst the majority of organisations around the world are working remotely.

By digitising mail “at the letterbox”, our Digital Mail Room solutions can prevent the influx of paper into your organisation whilst improving accuracy, speed and efficiency in distributing post to the right person. Not to mention, by digitising your mail you can start on your journey to a more streamlined, digital approach to document management and handling.

The future of Outsourcing

Although the pandemic has had a significant impact on outsource services in the short term, we can expect to see a strong and sustained demand for outsource services in the longer term as part of accelerated digital transformation operations within organisations.

Today outsourcing is no longer a buzzword only for the low cost labour. It has become a key business strategy for both small and large business enterprises who believe in devoting 100% to their key business operations and outsourcing the rest to specialised partners.

The future of outsourcing is digital. Outsourcing providers will increasingly use digital systems to offer faster, smarter, better and cheaper operations to clients, leaving functions performed and replacing them with automated and enhanced workflows.

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