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28 August 2019
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6 September 2019

Document Security Matters. Don’t Be Complacent

For companies that provide services to clients, document security is always an important consideration – the introduction of GDPR in 2018 has only enhanced this. For lawyers and legal firms who are constantly entrusted with highly sensitive information about clients and matters, the need for secure print and document management is of even more critical importance.


With this in mind, legal firms must ensure all data stored on their print devices is protected. This is imperative, as the implications of non-compliant data management can result in extremely large fines and have a detrimental effect on the firms’ reputation.   

Greater Print Control

By implementing a ‘follow me’ print control solution, firms can accurately track all print, copy and scan activity. It also requires user authentication where each print job has to be authorised at the device before it can be processed, ensuring sensitive documents are not left unattended on a device. This is particularly important for legal firms due to their confidentiality.

Device encryption as standard

When law firms are printing and scanning sensitive documents, they have a responsibility to ensure that all information is secure and protected. Hard drives store all information relating to the documents and having these encrypted will provide additional protection to prevent any data being accessed or stolen. Additionally, a comprehensive disposal covers all potential sources of information from devices, giving you confidence your data remains safe and secure at the end of its life.

Changing print behaviour

Despite taking control of the print environment, it is the on-boarding of employees with a new way of working that is key to ensuring documents remain secure. Convincing them to become more print aware is all part of the challenge. Educating staff on areas of potential threats can go a long way to preventing seemingly innocent activities turning into devastating breaches that will cost a firm’s reputation and bottom line.

Given the nature of the documents handles within legal firms, document and device security cannot be overlooked. There are various print and document management solutions that will significantly enhance security and also increase the efficiency of the organisation.


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