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Work Experience in the Apogee Marketing Team

A college student joined Apogee’s Marketing Team in 2018. Time has flown by and after 10 months it was time to say goodbye. But first, we found out what he got up to during these ten months and the skills he gained from being here.


Q: What have you been doing over the past year at Apogee?

A: I have been concentrating on creating, editing and uploading numerous videos for the marketing team for various media platforms. For the new website, I was responsible for taking multiple existing videos and putting them into a sequence that told a story of Apogee services and was appealing to the eye. As well as the website home page, I also needed to rebrand the videos on other Apogee sites as well as the YouTube channel to keep them consistent!

Q: What have you liked about working here?

A: I love the atmosphere in the office! The teams upstairs are very approachable and are always supporting me. They helped develop my CV when I had some free time to make it fit with what I am looking to do which is good for when I finish college. I particularly liked being able to use what I am studying in college in real situations, whilst being creative with video transitions.

Q: How have you found the working culture?

A: I have found it exciting coming in to work! It’s the first experience I’ve had with having to get up and go to work. It was nerve wracking but after two weeks I felt comfortable and completely welcome. Because of this experience, my confidence has increased massively. Now I know what the real world of working is like, I will find it easier to approach people when I need help. People in the team sometimes pushed me into thinking for myself before asking questions so I can solve the problem myself.

Q: How has the work you’ve been doing tied in with your college work? Have you learned anything different?

A: The work at Apogee was similar to what I am doing in college because both involve video production and editing, but being at Apogee has helped me face real problems when it comes to editing videos. Working with people on these issues has shown me how to solve them which I wouldn’t have learned in college. In the marketing team, they also showed me how to use Adobe Photoshop and Media Encoder which could make me stand out from the crowd in the future!


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