Exterior of Apogee Corporation
Danwood rebrand to Apogee Corporation
26 May 2017
Exterior of Apogee Corporation
Danwood rebrand to Apogee Corporation
26 May 2017

Building a future proofed print capability

While a high-quality printer may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering building site essentials, it is absolutely necessary in order to keep builds on track.


The foundations of a building cannot be laid before a design for the new building has been produced and printed, and these designs need to meet high standards of clarity and accuracy. The same exacting requirements apply to technical architectural drawings and engineering plans. To create these documents, a standard office printer will not suffice – large-format printers are crucial to get the precise finish needed.

Having a printer that is tailored to your organisation’s individual needs makes it much easier to get exactly what you need from your prints. There are many printer features that you may not even know exist, but could be highly beneficial to you.

For example, if you are using a printer on a building site, you can ensure that it comes fitted with a dust cover. There are also production print machines that automatically fold documents according to your chosen measurements, which is great for architects and construction workers alike. And if you’re concerned that you don’t have the space for such specialised machines, there are some that will fit into the same space as a standard desk.

Tight deadlines will be familiar to engineers and construction workers alike, and having an in-house printer can make it much easier for you to meet these deadlines. There’s no need to wait for prints to be delivered to you and the inevitable revisions of technical documents can be made much more quickly.

With the ability to print your own documents, you can also maintain security and control, keeping data in-house and avoid having to find another outsourcing partner who has the expertise and track-record to assist.

Whether you’re an engineer, an architect or a construction worker, it is definitely worth considering an in-house printer. With benefits like tailored features, smoother workflows, and in-house print management control, printing onsite could really boost your business.

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