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9 December 2022
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9 December 2022

The Sedbury Trust

Digital divide closed through Apogee’s Managed IT Services to deliver an end to end Managed IT services Solution for The Sedbury Trust.


The experience of working with Apogee as our IT partner to deliver this was seamless, we set up the procurement and reporting process at the beginning of the project and it just flowed from there. 

Thank you to the team at Apogee for making this happen, it’s great to know we have such a professional and cost-effective IT partner.

– The Sedbury Trust representative

Company Profile

  • Company Name: The Sedbury Trust
  • Sector: Non-Profit  
  • Solutions Provided: Managed IT Services


The Background

The Sedbury Trust was searching for a reliable Managed Workplace Service provider that could work with them on a complex and sensitive project; to deliver laptops to children in care that were in need of a reliable IT device, to aid remote working during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Apogee’s Managed IT Service offering was the perfect fit for The Sedbury Trust in providing a high specification laptop to suit the needs of users who were working remotely.

The Sedbury Trust were introduced to Apogee, an HP subsidiary, through a long standing client of theirs who had always experienced a professional and cost effective service over many years of working together and had benefited from utilising the latest, most secure hardware and software technologies.


The Solution

After a thorough consultation and a discovery of Apogee’s Professional Services portfolio, The Sedbury Trust chose to partner with Apogee as their sole Managed Workplace Services provider. Apogee then worked in line with The Sedbury Trust to ensure they understood the full scope of works and requirements from the trust. Through this, Apogee were able to scope out specific models of laptops which would be of best use to the children who would be using them.

A key factor of implementation was that all hardware was to be delivered to the site, pre-configured and pre-imaged with specific applications and software, specific to the user. Apogee were able to leverage this with their dedicated Professional Services team who managed the full life cycle of each device which meant they were taken care of from initial set-up and custom imaging to ongoing technical support and end-of-life data sanitisation.

Through further conversations Apogee discovered that they are able to support The Sedbury Trust with the collation and packaging of each device through the use of Apogee’s Outsourced Document Services. The Sedbury Trust provided a brief and design which was sent to Apogee’s ODS facilities in London who was then able to print and insert a postcard into each device box that was posted out to provide a welcome note and instruction on setting up their Microsoft package. The user would then be prompted to scan a QR Code where it would instruct them on how to effectively ‘plug in and play’.


The Outcome

This complete end to end Managed Workplace Service solution provided The Sedbury Trust with a full life cycle of each laptop, from initial concept to delivery and set-up. This was key for the Trust as it enabled them to completely outsource every aspect of their Managed IT Service.

Apogee enabled the Trust to move away from big ticket capital purchases of IT to smaller monthly subscriptions, with a lower cost of ownership than capital purchase, and all hardware, software, deployment and support services combined into a single monthly subscription.

This tailored offering was specific to The Sedbury Trusts business needs and helped their organisation achieve lower total cost of ownership, whilst optimising user satisfaction, and freeing up valuable IT time and resources to drive business growth.

As well as this, The Sedbury Trust also works alongside a number of Educational sites within Gloucestershire in which the laptops will be distributed to students that really need the support within these sites or to take on for their further education journey. This will be instrumental in strengthening Apogee’s portfolio of Managed Workplace Services within the educational sector and beyond.



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