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Aslotel selected Apogee to drive significant cost savings and improve employee productivity through an optimise print infrastructure and improved security.


“Apogee supplied us with a solution that was clearly designed to specifically meet our requirements, thereby ensuring that we realised substantial cost savings.

Almost as importantly, we now have the support and service levels we can rely on.”

– Aslotel representative

The Background

Aslotel found itself in a situation where the existing telecoms set up was fragmented, as the company was using six different suppliers for the various elements of its telecom systems.

Apogee was invited to tender, along with five other suppliers. The company was aware that this disjointed approach was not cost effective or efficient, and the motivation for change was to reduce costs through the rationalisation of the supplier base.


The Solution

Apogee immediately reviewed the entire telecoms set up at Aslotel, and found that the equipment and infrastructure was functionally sufficient to meet the company’s requirements, but that significant cost savings could be realised through a consolidated approach to equipment and contracts.

Through a series of meetings and investigations, it was clear that service and prompt fault resolution were important, but technology upgrades and modernisation would only be required if they could positively affect performance, efficiency or costs.


The Outcome

Having selected Apogee as its supplier of choice, Aslotel is now benefitting from considerably lower telecommunication costs and a more unified solution.

Efficiency of the system, and therefore the company, has been enhanced and the installed solutions provide the functionality required, while also being sufficiently scalable and flexible to deal with future needs.

Aslotel is also now backed up by Apogee’s exceptional service and support network, ensuring that any faults or issues are resolved quickly and efficiently.



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