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Windows 7 is ending. Could DAAS be an option?

A decade after its release Windows 7 is coming to its end of life. Much loved by IT departments and casual home users alike, but its status as a secure and reliable OS is ending.


Even after all this time Windows 7 is still popular as ever with 38 percent of consumers still using the software, but come the 14th January 2020 support will stop. Users will see a full screen warning that their PCs are more vulnerable to viruses and malware due to the ceasing of security updates, software updates and tech support. Microsoft will recommend using Windows 10 on a new PC for the latest security features and protection against malicious software.

Is your business still running on Windows 7, what are your plans to handle the end of support?

Problems associated with desktop computing persist in many organisations, which have not all been addressed by a cloud solution. Although many users are accessing documents via the cloud, they are still downloading and storing locally, neglect of these devices from IT updates or running unapproved programs will open organisations to further problems associated with running their own devices. However, by adopting a Device as a Service (DAAS) companies can address the issues associated with end-user computing while giving employees flexibility and potentially increasing productivity.

Since April 2019 Microsoft have been notifying users with pop-ups that the support for Windows 7 will end in 14 January 2020. For some organisations, running an unsupported versions of Windows is not an option as it leaves businesses and individuals wide open to security risks. Some organisations have completed their planning for migration to Windows 10 but if you are still deliberating there’s not much time remaining, it’s time to act.

Temporary solution offered for Microsoft users

Some businesses may be resistant to change either due to economic reasons or technological preferences or potentially even been caught unawares by the deadline. There is a temporary solution offered for Microsoft users which have an active Software Assurance or subscription license to pay for an Extended Security updates. An option for those that have missed the 14 January 2020 deadline, however, this is not a long-term solution rather short-term to help ease the transition.

DAAS enables companies quicker digital transformation at lower costs

Digital transformation is redefining how we work and employees often count on their employers to provide them with tools they need to do their job. DAAS enables organisations to benefit from utilising the latest, most secure hardware and software technologies.

This flexibility ensures companies are able to steer away from committing themselves to specific devices or software, and instead are able to procure the latest and best technologies as part of their contract. The wider ranging benefits of a DAAS tailored solution is to help organisations achieve lower total cost of ownership and seamless access to the latest technology. With the potential to lead to an increase in user satisfaction, a boost in workplace productivity and ultimately freeing up valuable IT time and resources to drive business growth. Putting organisations in control includes the flexibility to scale up or down when needed.

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