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19 June 2019
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1 July 2019

What Is Cloud Print?

What Is Cloud Print? Cloud Print is a service that allows users to print from any web-connected device, at any location, anywhere in the world.


Cloud Print is defined as devices that can include smartphones, laptops and tablets, which is convenient in today’s mobile environment. Cloud Print enables printing processes to be seamless and reliable, without the need to set up multiple driver installations, therefore reducing costs and increasing flexibility of printing securely from various locations.

Before Cloud Print, the process of printing involved software being linked up to a device and a printer which receives the print job and actions this. Instead, the requirement for on-site drivers is removed and devices can get information straight from The Cloud and print immediately. In comparison to traditional printing using multiple network cables and drivers which can create compatibly and device connectivity issues.

Cloud Print does not require any on-site servers so can be considered more eco-friendly, as it significantly reduces the amount of paper used and lowers carbon emissions from transportation.

Changing an entire print infrastructure can seem daunting to organisations, with 78% of survey respondents stating that they have a lack of resources or expertise in the area. However, connecting is fast and enabled within a few minutes, so migrating to Cloud Print delivers many benefits to organisations who are already moving toward a cloud-based way of working.

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