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18 June 2020
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26 June 2020

Update Your Postal Processes So Staff Can Access Mail Digitally From Any Location

Is it time to update your current labour intensive mail processes? The transition back into the workplace comes with countless opportunities to start your digital transformation journey. Whilst the majority of your staff may now be returning to the workplace using a hybrid model of both remote and office working, Apogee have designed a solution to ensure your staff receive all post in the form of digital mail, as if they were physically in the office through our mail optimisation solutions.


Communication is a key element in business, and therefore keeping those lines of communication open whilst working between multiple locations is a major part of allowing your organisation to continuously progress. In order to do this, Apogee has redesigned and tailored our post digitisation and mail optimisation services to suit the current environment that we now find ourselves in.

This allows your business the opportunity to execute digital transformation whilst enabling you to apply a more streamlined process in order for your workforce to continue working in the same way remotely, as they did in the office.


Digitise your Inbound Post

By digitising your inbound post from the source straight into one of Apogee’s outsource print facilities, we have the ability to scan and digitise the physical post via our information management workflow solution which is then uploaded to a secure portal to be accessed and distributed as required.

This three step process can prevent the influx of paper into your organisation, yet also help you kick start your journey on a digital approach to information management. As well as reducing the amount of paper into your business, digitising your inbound post will effectively allow your staff to receive mail digitally anywhere and any time, irrespective of location.

Introducing this remote savvy solution allows your organisation to reap the benefits, from cost savings and efficiency to removing the physical need for your employees to be in the workspace to handle and receive important post and documents which is a key aspect of adhering to the current covid compliant guidelines.

Ultimately, this digital solution will improve accuracy, speed, and efficiency in distributing post to the correct person, alongside reducing errors and maintaining compliance around data protection and sensitive information contained in your mail.


Alternatively, implement a Hybrid Mail solution: 

Go that step further and digitise your outbound mail straight from your smart phone or laptop. A hybrid mail solution will enable your workforce to send their outbound mail virtually via one of Apogee’s outsourced print facilities to print, finish and deliver to your designated location.

Apogee’s digital mail optimisation solutions are a great way to benefit from quick, accurate, secure and defined mailing processes, which in turn take away the need for expensive mailing equipment within your organisation. This implementation will push your business towards the goal of a paperless workplace.

By moving beyond these typical constraints within the workplace whilst working remotely more frequently, waste can be reduced significantly, the work environment improved, and property requirements reduced.

If you think your organisation could benefit from digitising aspects of what your ‘new normal’ operations will be please get in touch with us today using the contact form below. Our consultants are on hand to offer advice and help you create a tailored solution that will ignite your digital transformation and mail optimisation strategies.


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