Apogee marketing team volunteering at charity Communigrow, standing in front of newly painted HQ
The Marketing team spend a day with Communigrow!
30 June 2023
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Endpoint security isn’t enough to protect your hybrid workers from cybercrime
17 July 2023

Team Apogee lends a hand at Holme Farm!

Members of Team Apogee spent the day volunteering at Holme Farm alongside friends from Toshiba UK.


A few members of Team Apogee spent the day at Holme Farm on Monday 3rd July, with colleagues from ODS, Marketing, Field Service, and Finance lending a helping hand. The day was run in partnership with Toshiba UK.

Holme Farm is a community hub that will include workshops, gardens and wildlife across 8 acres. It is a multi-facility approach to health, wellbeing and community, and will provide a therapeutic environment in which people within North Surrey can socialise, learn and thrive.


The day started out with a tour of Holme Farm, learning about the project and their plans for the future.

The team then split into two groups to tackle the assigned project for the day! 


The first group were tasked with clearing an area of material and weeds to create space for Holme Farm to plant a variety of rare orchids.

Meanwhile, the second group got stuck in watering the newly planted fruit trees, collecting water by dipping a bucket into the local river.

Finally, everyone got involved helping to weed the allotment – planted in beds that spell out HOLME!

For more on Apogee’s community work, click here, or contact us using the form below.


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