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17 January 2023
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Offset the Cost of New IT Devices by Trading in Your Current Fleet

Updating your IT devices doesn’t need to be a complicated process – and by trading in your current fleet through the Apogee Buy-back program, costs can be offset significantly.


In order for companies to be agile, it is advised that IT devices should be replaced once every 3-5 years on average – however, if coordinated improperly, this process can potentially come with numerous setbacks and concerns.

Firstly, there is the considerable cost that comes with purchasing updated technology; not to mention the additional expense of organising for the collection and disposal of your outdated devices.

Secondly, there is the question of whether your devices are being disposed of responsibly, and in compliance with GDPR.

Thirdly, once your devices are delivered, what kind of time investment is to be expected to install and configure your new devices?

Lastly, will you be planning to rely on a third-party company to carry out future repairs, and if so, can they provide support that is reliable and cost-effective?

While these areas of concern may seem daunting at first glance, the good news is that these issues can all be handled through our Buy Back IT program; which comes with the following benefits:

Savings from the outset

Substantial cost savings can be created right from the outset of engaging with the Apogee Buy Back IT program – since we match the market value of your equipment and offset it against the cost of acquiring new devices.

This not only means that the disposal of your machines is taken care of – removing your need to engage with a third party removal company – but also means you can access top-grade IT for a reduced price.

Savings can be increased further by exchanging your current IT for the lease model of a DaaS solution. Instead of the one costly capital expenditure it would take to purchase new technology, through a DaaS solution, you can spread the cost over a number of years; freeing up short-term funds to support other areas of your business.

Complete peace of mind

Large fines are a potential if outdated machinery is left in landfills – since, as well as a serious environmental hazard, they also present a significant security risk. This is because hard drives containing sensitive information can easily be retrieved and accessed with the right know-how, which is a very serious threat to data security and GDPR compliance.

However, peace of mind can be provided with the Apogee Buy Back IT program – since legacy devices will never be sent to landfill. Instead, their parts will be refurbished and recycled where possible – with anything remaining being disposed of responsibly to avoid environmental damage.

Furthermore, any possibility of a legacy IT-related security breach is negated through this service; since any data stored on hard drives will be securely destroyed under the WEEE disposal process, ensuring complete GDPR compliance.

Many services, one provider

Once your devices have been replaced through the Apogee Buy Back IT program, you may have concerns about the time investment that goes into configuring your new devices, or the unreliability that comes with organising third-party support further down the line. However, the beauty of engaging with a managed workplace services provider is that many helpful services are available, with a consistent standard of quality service.

For instance, instead of wasting enormous amounts of time configuring each individual device, employees can effectively ‘plug-and-play’ with new devices through an Imaging Service – which configures your entire MITS solution to your exact specifications, all prior to delivery.

Similarly, having a reliance on third-party support no longer needs to be a factor for your business – since ongoing support is an add-on to a DaaS solution; and can be co-ordinated quickly, easily, and effectively through our Customer Support Centre.


As time goes on and inflation continues its upward trend, replacing your IT fleet may become an increasingly costly process. Luckily, the savings that are created by the Apogee Buy Back IT program open the door to a myriad of other benefits that can keep your business agile, secure, and fully supported as it continues to develop.  

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