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Introduce business print into your sustainability strategy

When formulating your ESG strategy, business print is a vital area to address – and sustainability, cost-efficiency, and maximum device uptime can be attained through the refurbished print devices included within The ACE Line.


With Net Zero 2030 just around the corner, sustainability should be a top priority for any modern business strategy. A crucial area to consider is your policy on business print equipment – especially since sustainable printing is much easier to achieve than you might expect.

For instance, e-waste – a term referring to old devices that are disposed of in landfills - is fast-becoming a leading environmental concern. As well as representing a complete waste of precious resources; these abandoned devices also release toxic waste into the environment, if given enough time.

Businesses can help to prevent E-waste by investing in refurbished devices, such as those included within the ACE Line. Through this scheme, perfectly functional devices are kept out of landfills and in circulation – and at the end of their lifecycle, their parts are either recycled and used in other devices, or disposed of responsibly.

But besides making up a valuable component of your ESG strategy, what else can the ACE Line bring to your business?


Guaranteed quality, reduced cost

While there may be a stigma surrounding refurbished devices, quality device performance is assured through the ACE Line – since every machine must first pass a rigorous appraisal process and age check to qualify for inclusion. This means that your business benefits from a machine that effectively functions like new, but for a reduced price and lease length.

As well as giving you a significant head-start when saving for your next upgrade, the cost-efficiencies of leasing your devices as part of a Managed Print Service has another advantage over buying new ones outright – since a lease agreement lets you manage the cost in predictable instalments, rather than one capital expenditure.

Additional features, already included

While many providers leave you to fend for yourself post-transaction, engaging with the ACE Line maximises your uptime by giving you access to our Customer Support Centre. Being able to co-ordinate quick technical fixes allows your company to be more dynamic, agile, and effective – and best of all, the price of this service is already included in your lease agreement.

As an added note, quick fixes are actually more likely through the ACE Line – since we only source devices from Apogee customers, and have a full service history as a result of the appraisal process.

Your ESG strategy is also further aided by the inclusion of PrintReleaf, a software platform that reforests trees around the world equivalent for every page you print. By enrolling, you gain access to a running counter of how many trees your business has reforested – an excellent tool to raise awareness of this vital company – and like our support service, is already included within the price of an ACE Line lease agreement.

Disposal plan, already covered

When your purchased devices reach their end-of-life, it is common for businesses to seek out the help of a third-party company to dispose of them. However, there is no telling where these machines will eventually end up – and if hard drives are not sanitised properly, they could actually pose a threat to your company’s data security if they wind up as e-waste.

However, the beauty of the ACE Line is that the end-of-life of your devices is already accounted for – since, as with anything else in the circular economy, their parts will either be recycled back into new ACE devices, or disposed of responsibly.

As well as saving you the hassle of organising assistance from a third-party disposal company, this also completely prevents the chances of any e-waste related security breaches occurring – since we never send devices to landfill.


The ACE Line provides customers with a multi-faceted, cost-effective, high-performance Managed Print Service. To learn more, please fill out the contact form below:


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