Protect Education Budgets With Effective Print Control

In the current economic climate, all educational establishments, from primary schools to universities, face tight budgets and are looking for ways to save money.

Print Management Services to track your print volumes and keep your costs down.

Some of these establishments may not realise that printing can in fact be draining a considerable amount of cost and are also unlikely to be aware of their exact print output.

Implementing an effective print control solution will allow establishments to take back control of the entire print and document infrastructure. Understanding, tracking and managing print volumes will make all associated costs much clearer and provide greater control. Without effective print control, print jobs are often wasted and there is a potential security and data breach – unique workflows and print control techniques are designed to minimise this risk and reduce costs.

Print Policies

All documents printed by students and staff can be managed via print policies. For example, it can be set that all documents are printed in mono and have an automated duplex setting. This restriction will reduce both ink and paper, saving the educational establishment money instantly. Another method to minimise waste and gain greater control of spending is to introduce authentication, whereby print jobs are not released until the user enters a unique password or ID card.

Controlling print devices

Proactively managing devices is also an effective way to protect budgets. Once it has been determined what devices within the school, college or university are being underused, they can simply be removed to save costs on lease rates, maintenance and consumables. Alternatively, consolidating all devices will significantly reduce the number of devices across the site.

Cloud Print

A more radical technique to transform the way students and staff work is the introduction of Cloud Solutions. The Cloud enables documents to be stored, sent and retrieved electronically, so staff and students can transport their work electronically and save money on materials. Cloud Print also allows print volumes to be controlled and consumption can be scaled according to the needs of students and staff.

With effective print control, schools, colleges and universities no longer need to worry about excess print volumes draining their budgets. Apogee can work with any organisation to create a unique solution to reduce costs. To find out further details on how Apogee can help your organisation work towards protecting budgets using print control, get in touch today.

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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