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How A-STAR Can Benefit Your Organisation
28 September 2020
Protect Education Budgets With Effective Print Control
Protect Education Budgets With Effective Print Control
28 September 2020

How Covid-19 Has Changed the Way Businesses Manage Their Mail

As part of every organisation's focus on business continuity, the impact of Covid-19 on employees needs to be accurately measured. By being able to identify which employees are based remotely or are based between a home and an office space, organisations can then go on to determine the tools that need to be in place to ensure both a safe and secure working environment, but also one that creates and maintains this new flexible workspace.


Mail Optimisation is one key factor that is based around being able to work flexibly. By introducing a Mail Optimisation solution into your organisation, employees are able to receive and send physical post digitally through the use of automated workflows.

Today’s business leadership teams are faced with new challenges as they continue to navigate the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. Out of pure need to quickly and efficiently transition staff from the workplace to remote operations, business leaders prioritised what was happening in that moment in order to support employees and customers.

Since the reopening of many sectors within the UK, attention has rapidly been turned to the next phase of re-building and adapting to this new flexible workplace which ultimately is a period of unpredictability in terms of migrating from previous processes.

Against this backdrop, leaders are faced with a sense of urgency to reopen their businesses to the world, in a safe and covid compliant manner, and in doing this, current labour intensive postal processes should be eliminated and replaced with digitally automated workflows which fundamentally will keep employees safe when they do return to work.


Some organisations may be sceptical about why they need to remove the need for physical post. Now it is encouraged for employees to work either remotely or to a hybrid model of between the workplace and home, it becomes hard for physical post to be distributed on receipt and also makes sending post a big pain point.

This presents an opportunity, and in turn a need for many companies to build the competencies they wish they’d invested in pre-covid. Adding in automated workflows and digitally enhanced solutions will accelerate your organisation to becoming data-driven and digitally versed in order to accelerate a flexible and touchless working journey.

Organisations need to prepare for the long term impact this pandemic is going to have and how they can adopt new processes in order to be future-proof, rather than stuck in the typical constraints of a workplace.

If your business has been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and would benefit from a free consultation to help get yourself back up and running then contact us today.


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