Helping Schools Transform The Way They Manage Data

For teachers, the task of managing data can sometimes be unnecessary and time consuming with 73% of teachers in primary schools and 75% in secondary schools suggesting they spend too much time on how they manage data [i].

Apogee is transforming the way schools operate through digital transformation

Apogee can provide schools with the tools and specialist expertise to tackle poor data management and meet the joint challenges they face of escalating information volumes and legislation. The core methodologies which Apogee can introduce to help schools develop how they manage data, including document scanning and data capture, output and workflow process assessment and data analysis and review.

Document scanning and data capture

With the latest best-of-breed technology, all documents can be scanned and captured in high quality. A scanning process is perfect for schools due to their large volume of documents, including student records. Documents and data can then be electronically stored and include processing systems to make it even easier for schools to gain access to this information. Barcodes added to documents ensure they can be analysed, remediated and managed effectively, while the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) enables the school to extract specific details through word searches.

Output and workflow process assessment

Another effective way for schools to manage data management is through assessing the strengths and weaknesses within the current infrastructure and processes. This will determine where the establishment can reduce certain documents being produced and highlight areas where improvements can be made.

Data analysis and review

As the nature of data held in schools is sensitive, it is important to have a solid data review and analysis process within the infrastructure. This will provide an understanding how every piece of data is being used and passed throughout the organisation. It also establishes where personal information resides, such as student and staff addresses, date of birth etc. This detailed knowledge of data is invaluable for schools to free up staff time and lower the establishment’s costs of storing physical documents.

The three services aforementioned have the ability to help schools transform the way they manage data by providing them with high level visibility and understanding of the documents and data they are responsible for. Working with Apogee, schools can gain control of both paper and electronic files, which ultimately improves efficiency and staff productivity, reduce operating costs and provide more responsive processes.

Allow your staff to focus on what matters most rather than spending unnecessary time managing and processing data. Our educational specialists are on hand to offer expert consultancy so get in touch today or call us on 0345 300 9955.


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