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8 September 2020
Document management can improve your organisation's operational efficiency.
How Document Management Enables You to Manage Content Digitally
28 September 2020

How Effective Print Management Can Help Schools Regain Control of Their Print Environment

Schools must consistently update their technology to meet the changing demands of students, staff and other potential visitors. However, introducing print management services aren’t often prioritised which can lead to spiralling costs, unreliable document technology and an increasing IT burden.


In fact, some schools are wasting up to £1m a year in comparison to other schools, with inefficient print management technology being one area contributing to this. Implementing an effective print management solution can support the restricting budgets available to educational establishments, freeing up resources that can be utilised in other areas to improve education.

What is Print Management?

Print Management solutions are tailored to help schools take control of their fleet, however big or small the establishment is, so they can track and manage the cost and volume of what is being printed, copied and scanned.


An example of a print management service is ‘secure print’, which ensures prints jobs are held securely and released by an authenticated user via a ‘pin’ or ‘password’. This enables the governing bodies in schools to retrieve detailed reports of who is printing what and have full control over print outputs. Another print management service which schools can adopt is ‘mobile’ and ‘guest print’. This provides a controlled and secure way for guests and staff who bring their own devices, to print, while also allowing the school to monitor print activity.

Print management covers an array of services in addition to those mentioned above. If you would like to find out more about how print management can be integrated within your school, complete the form below.


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