Embracing a Digital Future

Printing from mobile devices is becoming much easier, as operating system vendors and hardware providers collaborate on the integration of mobile print solutions.

Embracing A Digital Future

This allows employees to access a whole host of information from their mobile device at home and enables access to the same features and technology benefits of the technology used in the workplace.

It is not just mobile print technology that is boosting our workplace effectiveness. A range of related technologies have been developed that – put simply – enable our organisations to be more nimble, efficient, effective and secure.

Inbound envelope-bound mail is often no longer appropriate where the recipients are only on-site infrequently. By digitising mail “at the letterbox” businesses can automatically route incoming mail to the correct recipient electronically, meaning that it is instantly received as well as being stored digitally.

Additionally, many organisations are adopting hybrid mail services. Customer communications data is sent to a central facility where the communications themselves can either be printed and sent from a cost-efficient high volume mailing house or issued via e-mail, SMS or to a shared access portal.

As the world in which we operate becomes increasingly digital, security measures are of course of paramount importance. By digitising their approach to document management, companies are able to introduce new security features that better protect their data, providing greater reassurance that they are fully compliant with latest regulations including GDPR.

Whilst the practical benefits are obvious, by taking a digital approach to document and print management, businesses make substantial savings through a reduction in their overall print fleet, decreased paper usage, and ultimately a reduction in required office space, reducing property costs.

Our Managed Workplace Solutions are designed with our clients in mind, improving security, maximising productivity and increasing automation.
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