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What is document scanning?

Document scanning converts paper documents into digital images, allowing information to be stored and managed much more effectively. More organisations are scanning documents as a means to lower or control costs, improve productivity and enhance the accessibility of their companies information.

How does document scanning work?

  1. Collection: Paper documents are physically collected from your location and securely transported to the document scanning facilities.

  2. Preparation: Documentation needs to be prepared appropriately to allow for high speed document scanning to commence effectively. Staples and paperclips are removed, pages are straightened, aligned, rotated and then organised into batches ready for scanning.

  3. Document Scanning: Best-of-breed document scanners quickly convert paper documents into digital images, while specialist production staff watch over the entire process to ensure a real-time, human quality control is provided.

  4. Indexing: The digital images have data manually extracted in order for it to be accessed at a later date via a document management system.

  5. Delivery: Your digital images are delivered either electronically or on portable media. Depending on your requirements, your original paper documents can be transported back to your premises, stored in our dedicated, secure facilities or shredded and recycled in line with your document retention policy.

Benefits of document scanning

The ability to access, manage and share your documents anytime, anywhere is a huge advantage to staff and organisations. Did you know that the average office worker spends 2 1/2 hours each week looking for misplaced, misfiled or lost paper documents? This is time and energy that can be saved by scanning documents into an efficient document management system.

On average, paper documents take up over 18% of modern office space which can be a real cost to businesses. Document scanning can effectively solve this problem, while boosting your eco credentials through using less paper and reducing your paper waste.

Typically, around 35% of paper archive is misfiled, unrecoverable or lost. Preventing loss by backing up your documents and securely storing digital copies in the cloud provides a sufficient means of business contingency and disaster recovery. How would your operations fare if a significant amount of critical paper documents are lost and unrecoverable?

What documents can be scanned?

Almost any type of paper document, at any size, can be scanned including:

  • Company financial documents – invoices, purchase orders, compliment slips etc.

  • HR files, company handbooks, contracts and policy documents

  • Medical records or insurance documentation

  • Legal documents, notepads and books

  • Large format A0 architectural drawings, design plans or photographs

  • Small format documents such as post it notes, tickets, surveys, forms and receipts

It’s common for organisations to enquire about document scanning services after they have built up a lot of paper resources. Bulk document scanning services also allow large volumes of documents to be quickly and securely transformed to digital format, freeing up space, saving vast amounts of time and avoiding loss of data.

Onsite document scanning services

Organisations can benefit from having documents scanned onsite when confidential data and live documents simply cannot be removed from their premise. Onsite document scanning is a popular solution for industry sectors and projects that require confidentiality, high levels of security, legal compliance, regulation or document access considerations.

Onsite document scanning services can be set up quickly and efficiently to suit business needs, agreed specifications and deadlines. Scanning technology and specialist operatives arrive on location with everything they need to digitise your documentation as required.

Secure Document Scanning in Your Organisation

Apogee have dedicated 24/7 scanning facilities that provide on demand business solutions to assist quickly in times of need. The ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 accredited operation uses the best-of-breed technology to deliver scanning capabilities with huge volume and capacity.

The in-house logistics team can quickly collect and deliver documentation in any format, with full tracking in place to provide a full chain of custody for complete peace of mind and regulatory compliance. The team can also mobilise quickly to deliver onsite document scanning services for a complete scanning solution for your organisation.

If you would like to learn more about how Apogee can help deliver document scanning solutions for your organisation, then get in touch today on 0800 999 0247 or complete our website contact form here.

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