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How Your Business Can Benefit From Cloud Print Solutions

Put simply, Cloud Printing is the technology which enables printers to be accessed over a network through Cloud Computing, whether this is through the medium of desktop computers, mobile, or tablets. Apogee offer the service of integrating our latest Cloud Print Solutions into your Managed Services. This technology boasts many benefits for businesses and users, with the most prominent listed below.



Having Cloud Solutions allows all users to work efficiently outside of the business infrastructure. Documents can be accessed from whatever device, regardless of location, through simply logging-in to the Cloud account where documents are held. This therefore gives users/employees the flexibility to produce work effectively, whilst being mobile.


As well as easy access, adopting Cloud Print Solutions offer security benefits which are important to maintain the overall security posture within organisations. The Cloud provides a means of both storing and printing data securely as personalised user log-ins are required for both actions. Data is also encrypted during the transmission and whilst it remains in this storage, no unauthorised users can access the files.

Document management

Another prime reason for organisations to focus their attention to Cloud Solutions is the ability to manage all information and data efficiently. With everything being stored in one place ‘The Cloud’, it provides a safe outlet whereby work can always be restored. It is also quick and easy to find, print, collaborate and share certain files, allowing users to manage work online, wherever they are.

This form of document management is beneficial due to it ultimately saving the organisation money. Cloud printing is subscription-based, removing the need to pay for excess hardware. The use of Cloud Printing will also support the environmental efforts through providing a platform to share files online, minimising the materials printed.

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