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How Sign on Glass Can Transform Your Delivery Process


What is Sign on Glass

Sign on Glass is simply a modern alternative to receiving a physical signature when delivering products. Instead, the customer signs directly onto ‘glass’ which is part of an automated process. ‘Sign on Glass’ automates both the production and return of customer acceptance documentation such as proof of delivery, collection notes, installation certificates etc. Essentially, as soon as the customer electronically signs on the glass, all documents are released immediately to the appropriate person/department, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient workflow for everyone involved.

By streamlining processes with Sign on Glass, it allows your organisation to be more customer-focused and build more effective communication methods, positively impacting other areas of the business.

Benefits of Sign on Glass Technology

As well as improving the customer experience, a main benefit as aforementioned is how this technologies streamlines an organisations workflows. As an entirely paperless channel, Sign on Glass ensures electronic documents are released immediately to the appropriate persons, reducing administration tasks and improving the turn-around time by removing the need to manually upload paper copies. The technology ensures documents transition around the business more efficiently helping to produce quicker cash flows, which is an effective way to maintain your organisation’s profitable position.

Sign on Glass provides organisations and customers with accurate, real-time proof of every aspect of the delivery process, through the automated process of distributing the delivery information and signatures. For organisations, having proof of this information immediately and electronically is an effective means of security, in case any discrepancies or errors arise which could negatively affect business operations. Customers are also provided with instant access to tracking information, including delivery worker names, times and dates, increasing trust in the organisation.

Apogee’s Launch of Sign on Glass

Apogee are now providing Sign on Glass to clients following a very successful internal launch. We can help organisations work towards digital transformation, or simply allow them to become more digitally focused. Having this technology can help improve your organisation’s communication considerably and streamline your existing workflows. As we develop the Sign on Glass workflow, the wider business will become more involved with this to further enhance the way we operate and increase efficiency.

To start your digital journey or to find out more about how our new Sign on Glass service can benefit your organisation, please contact us by completing the form below.


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