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28 September 2020
Cloud print can keep your organisation secure whilst maximising your uptime
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5 October 2020

A Guide to Cloud Print

A Guide to Cloud Print from Apogee and their Managed Print Services (MPS) Solution team, offering the five benefits of Cloud Print Solutions.


What is Cloud Print and how does it work?

What is Cloud Print and how does it work? With the rise in remote working and the growing demand for collaboration technology, it is no surprise that the use of Cloud has become prominent within many organisations. Whilst many employees are not currently in a permanent workplace, accessing documents remotely and keeping the lines of communication open between colleagues should be a priority.

Typically, when a user wants to send a print job to a printer you would either have to connect to the device directly or connect both the printer and your laptop / desktop to the local network.

Cloud printing connects digital devices like smartphones, laptops, and tablets with printer stations through a Managed Print Services (MPS) solution. Cloud Print extends this functionality and allows users to have any device which is connected to the internet to the printer, meaning you can either be sitting right next to your printer of choice, or 10,000 miles away, and it’ll still print on demand no matter your location.

Today’s cloud printing solution eliminates the need for physical printer drivers, and instead links the printer to the device allowing the printer to receive the digital information via the cloud. As a result, users can experience seamless, reliable printing across the network, regardless of the hardware being used.

The recent transition to remote working has been majorly eased through the use of Cloud. Not only has it allowed users to print regardless of their location, it has also become a centralised virtual hub for users to store and maintain documents whilst sharing them with colleagues and clients.

Not only has this become a staple within home or remote working, but also for hybrid workers who switch between an office space and home.

This seamless transition makes it easy for staff to access documents wherever they may be without having to worry where they plan on working from and enables organisations to become future-proof should organisations be put back on a permanent remote working basis.

A key element of the implementation of cloud technologies into your organisation is ensuring your solution is secure. User authentication has been introduced into cloud solutions which allows the main user to authenticate and approve any print jobs that come through so they are able to identify the job and the user it came from. For this to happen, users should be connected to the local network which will ensure print information on the server is secured, irrespective of location.

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Five benefits of Cloud Print from a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider

Benefit #1 Cost effective: The use of Cloud Print solutions allows organisations to meet the users print needs regardless of where they are originally printing from, both lowering overall print costs and eliminating the need to buy, deploy, and manage the hardware and software through an in-house IT team.

Benefit #2 Environmentally friendly: Cloud Print solutions can help organisations reduce their carbon footprint. Printing over the cloud lowers carbon emissions from transportation and reduces the amount of waste generated.

Benefit #3 Print from any device: Through the use of Cloud Print solutions, users are able to print from any device without having to worry about compatibility and drivers, reducing the need for help desk support.

Benefit #4 Software Updates: Cloud Print solutions ensures that software upgrades happen automatically and in real time. The latest features and fixes will be up to date without the user having to think twice.

Benefit #5 Simplicity: Cloud Print solutions offers a convenient and simple solution for everyone – users no longer have to worry about software, drivers, or cables. Setting up cloud printing is done easily and quickly.


Cloud Print solutions allow you to print from any web-connected device by routing print jobs between your computer, smartphone or tablet and sending them to an internet-connected printer. It also allows users to quickly discover printers and print from their own devices without the need to set up driver installations.

Cloud Print solutions allow you to print documents wherever you are, securely and efficiently. So why not get in contact with one of our consultants here at Apogee who will be able to answer any questions you may have alongside supplying you with any information about Apogee’s Cloud Services which will enable you to send and receive faxes directly from your PC, Mac, smartphone or MFD which the click of a button.


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