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3 June 2019
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3 June 2019

Apogee’s Remote Support Manager chosen to be a UK Tough Mudder Brand Ambassador

Apogee’s Remote Support manager, Craig Marsh has recently been made an official UK Brand Ambassador for Tough Mudder UK. We asked Craig some questions to gain an insight into just how he manages his work, home and Tough Mudder commitments.


How it all began

Craig’s passion for the event began when Apogee organised a Tough Mudder charity event in 2014. After returning the following year, he met people taking part in the event that suggested to get a season pass. The addiction for the event grew from here, and he hasn’t looked back! With Craig attending the events so much, he became recognised and was proudly asked to become a Tough Mudder UK Brand Ambassador.

Love for Tough Mudder

Craig gets involved with all of the Tough Mudder UK events which they hold, including the Toughest Mudder, with the aim continue for 12 hours straight! During the conversation, what stood out was the community of the event. It doesn’t matter who you are, Tough Mudder is suitable for anybody.

Using Tough Mudder in the workplace

The role of a Remote Support Manager involves taking on responsibility for an important department within the business, with constant communication between multiple internal departments and ensuring that software is installed and keeps running for clients. Tough Mudder events and the training involved is down-time for Craig and allows him to focus on something outside of work.

Craig also strongly believes that a challenge outside of the workplace is important because if you don’t push yourself, you will never grow and improve. Tough Mudder prides itself on being a challenge and a teamwork event, not a race. This same ethos pushes Craig at Apogee, making sure that all of the team pull together to achieve success.

Tough Mudder has taught Craig about camaraderie and the importance of having a strong team around you. Whilst it’s possible to complete a course individually, going round as part of a team helps encourage teamwork and overcome even the toughest obstacles. Carrying this into the workplace, everyone has their own strengths so it is important to identify these and always work and succeed as a team.

Balancing a work and home life

Craig makes sure that all elements in his life are balanced. Instead of dedicating his weekends to training, he runs during lunch breaks and whenever he has free time. Since having this focus outside of work, Craig is happier and his advice for those who want or need to create more of a balance between work and home life, is to simply give Tough Mudder a try! It’s suitable for anyone, there’s no pressure on fitness levels and you can have fun along the way. Balancing your life can be key to happiness.

Looking into the future, Craig plans to continue pushing himself, which may even lead to him completing the World’s Toughest Mudder, which is a 24 hour long challenge! On a personal level and as a team leader at Apogee, Craig wishes to inspire others.


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