Apogee’S Remote Support Manager Chosen To Be A UK Tough Mudder Brand Ambassador Apogee
Apogee’s Remote Support Manager chosen to be a UK Tough Mudder Brand Ambassador
3 June 2019
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11 June 2019

New and Improved Client Portal

Apogee’s Client Portal is designed to provide our clients with a user-friendly platform to view all their key account information including serial number(s), device location and other important details. The portal has recently been enhanced to automate many processes providing an improved service experience and streamlines future correspondence.

Apogee clients are now able to carry out the below services via the Client Portal rather than having to pick up the phone to an advisor:

Access to the portal can be given as:

Level 1 User – The ability to see all Apogee devices on an active contract, with full privileges to order consumables, request technical support and view historical requests.

Level 2 User – May be assigned a sub set of devices with restricted privileges to order consumables, request technical support and view historical requests.

Are you an Apogee client who is not benefiting from Apogee’s Client Portal? If so please send a quick email to client.portal@apogeecorp.com to receive further registration details.

A handy guide for using the portal can be downloaded here.

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